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california bloggin'

On such an autumn day....[couldn't resist].

CalBlog will be handling all of your recall election needs today. If anyone else is blogging the election from CA, drop a link in the comments.


Hope Gary Coleman wins. Repeal height restrictions throughout California

I mailed my ballot in last week, and we've certainly had some spirited discussions here at work on the subject. I'm sure the rest of the country is probably sick of hearing about us at this point!

I voted ths imorning. I actually had to wait in line. This might have something to do with the consolidation of polling places, but the "experts" are predicting a pretty good turn out.

I couldn't get registered here in time - just moved in August - they need my birth certificate and all sorts of documents before they give me a driver's license here, and you have to make an appt at the DMV, it's all very bizarre. Anyhow I wasn't going to blog much about the general madness - but I thought I'd just pop in to say that Martin Sheen just called and asked me to vote no on the recall. Ok, it was a recording of Martin Sheen, but it's still damn weird. CA, it's....different here....

I'm dreading to hear the voting results.
And then see if we'll have another recall! It might never end! We could be forever trapped in some kind of freaky political time-and-space-warping loop...

What a total joke. What a complete and total joke.