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tin foil award for today goes to

The folks on this thread at Democratic Underground.

Marvin Bush's babysitter dies in a freak accident when she gets crushed by her own car. These things happen, you read about them over at Fark or Obscure Store all the time.

But, because this involves someone in the Bush family, it must be a [insert eerie organ music here]....conspiracy!

See, Marvin has dealings with a WTC security firm. And the babysitter, well she probably overheard someone say that 9/11 was actually a planned demolition, set in motion by the Bush Cabal of Evil Overlords and Evil Overlord Wannabees.

The speculation and theories on that thread will make your head spin. Wear protective clothing before reading.


Amazing. It's hard to believe that there are people outthere that would actually see a conspiracy as such from from this.

Sadly, I now don't think there is enough tinfoil in the world.

the "people" who post on that website are complete whackjobs. dear lord in heaven, now I"M scared....because there are people on the planet who are that stupid. did you read the bush body count link? holy cow!

I've about decided Democratic Underground and similar sites are just "Dungeons & Dragons" for LeftWhacks, and stuff like that is their version of imagining you can cast a spell and turn your enemy into a toad.

Holy shit. Are these people actually capable of feeding themselves?

No, Ken. That's why they want welfare to be increased.

Ah, the old "9/11 was actually a planned demolition" theory.

Classic idiocy. You have to be dumber than a bag of hammers to believe this one.

I mean let's assume, that Bush and his cronies could possibly find enough people with the knowledge of how to do such a thing to go along. Let's assume that in compiling this conspiracy that NO ONE involved would have doubts and come forward. Let's assume that those people could get into the WTC and plant enough explosives - UNDETECTED - to bring down the towers. Let's assume they could collaborate sufficiently with the pilots of those planes such that they could plant the explosives at or just below the floors the planes were "scheduled" to hit. Let's assume that the ferocity of the impacts and explosions of the those planes would have NO EFFECT on the fragile explosives, detonators, and primer cords that would have to be strung all over the building.

Let's make ALL those assumptions.

The only problem then is how exactly they were able to convince every significant member of the Society of Structural and Civil engineers that investigated the incident and found ZERO evidence of any such nonsense.

Really. Think about it. How could any remotely intelligent, allegedly rational person, EVER come to the conclusion that this could possibly have been a planned, conspired demolition of the WTC ? You would have to be a stark raving mad, lunatic to believe such a thing.

Aren' these the folks who settled that old authorship question of Shakespeare's plays?

They were all written by another guy named Shakespeare!

Touche, Mrs. dT! ;)

You know, This may have been discussed a while back, but I've not seen anyone talk about it, so I'm under-informed in this situation, however...

There is so much b**ching and moaning about how Bush set up 9/11, and Bush planned 9/11 and such.

My opinion? Look to the people that benefited the most financially from the disaster and you'll find among them the culprits. In the case of 9/11, the Media had a huge benefit. There hand't been a war or a big big story for quite some time, and they would therefore have been in desperate need to boost ratings and such. The media giants certainly have the $$ to supply groups like bin Ladens whores.

this line made me giggle~

"the 'people' who post on that website are complete whackjobs. dear lord in heaven"

pot and kettle meet!

I think it was PJ O'Rourke who said, "The government can't even deliver the mail reliably and it has a stamp and an address on it."

Carry off a conspiracy such as 9/11? Get real.

But it fits the socialist mindset. They REALLY believe the government is capable of pulling off a 9/11 episode, because they also believe the government can cure world hunger, create world peace, and bring back 8-track.

I have the answer. Old woman gets into car (with an older automatic transmission) to retrieve something. While she's in the car, she accidentally releases the parking brake and/or places the car in gear by bumping the gear shifter.

Being an older transmission the car has no interlock to prevent accidental shifting and when she gets out the car begins to roll forward. Unaware of the moving car (she's old after all) she steps in front of it and is pinned.

Not that hard a story to believe occured completely spontaneously and a lot less moronic than believing that the Bush family went out for blood.

I think this problem must be disscussed in offline. Or ICQ....