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let the games begin

rivals.gifThis is supposed to be what October is all about. The intense rivalry. The anticipation of the games. This is when you sit in front of your television on a chilly night, biting your nails and letting your kid stay up way too late on a school night. You keep your own scorecard. Your curse at the tv, you curse at the managers, you pump your fist in the air when things go right.

It's not even the World Series. It's just the ALCS. But it's everything, because the biggest rivalries lie within the league, within the divisions. You spend all season gloating and ribbing and betting and teasing and now, now it means more than just a game, just another W or L in the boxscore.

You engage in what amounts to a staring down contest with the fans of the other team. You are rival gangs ready for a rumble. Crips and Bloods. Davis and Schwarzenegger. DC and Marvel.

This is baseball. This is October. So why do I feel so nauseous?

The series will begin so close to the anniversary of that famous one-game playoff between the Yanks and the Sox. Who will be the Bucky Dent of this series and who will be the Mike Torrez?


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My brother in Boston paid $150 per ticket to take his son to the Red Sox game day before yesterday. He's insane.

I don't think I have anymore energy left for the Yankee series! Wow.

I would say that Red Sox president Larry Lucchino nailed it when he called the Bombers "the Evil Empire".

Bucky Dent is an agent of Satan. I hope he spends his remaining days as an air conditioner repairman... IN FRANCE!

I'll be joining you in the Pepcid section this week. It's Hate Week (OU vs. texass)...

Just as long as there's no Bill Buckner, I'll be happy.

(from a Yankee fan).....I agree, this is going to be gut-wrenching. But you play who you play.

Shame on the A's. Close one out, already!

No prediction. WG

My heart rate had to be over 150 last night at Williamson walked the first two batters in the 9th.

My son is a Marlins fan, my daughter a Yankee fan, and me a Red Sox fan. It's going to be a fun week in our house!

Go Red Sox!!

I am so glad I got out of Massachusettes yesterday before that game started! We got cut off a few times on I-95. Think it was because of the "Yankee Fans On Board" thingy we put in the car window???

None of this matters, its Cubs all the way!

I swear, watching that game last night (Bos v. Oak) I thought I was going to have a mental breakdown.

Let's rename my Oakland Athletics to the Oakland Gag Reflexes.

Awwwwwww, yeah. It's on. Go, Sox!

GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!!!

Hate week
Boston v Evil
Florida State V Miami(over rated)

There is not enough pepcid in America.
Whiskey sales are going through the roof.

And I'm one of the few Oklahomans not an OU fan, so I can reserve all my nausea for Red Sox/Yankees.

Hey Michele... want to make a friendly wager on the series?

NO, NO Michele shall NOT wager on this series. Even the THOUGHT of a wager on the previous series was enough to cause the Yankees to lose game 1 to the Twins.