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Second tin foil hat award of the day

Now I don't know who to give the coveted tin foil hat award to, the DU conspiracy theorists or this guy .

Apparently, the Bush Cabal of Evil Overlords and Evil Overlord Wannabees that plotted and planned 9/11 many, many years ago was led by Rupert Murdoch and, included in this sinister plan were Melanie Griffith, David Duchovny and the movie Working Girl.

David Duchovny's first screen role was in "Working Girl," a movie that featured the World Trade Center heavily. Duchovny's role was to hide in a closet and shout "happy birthday" at the main character. In the movie "Working Girl," the words "happy" and "birthday" are said a total of 13 and 10 times each. The TV shows "The X-Files" and "The Lone Gunmen" were produced by a company called Ten Thirteen.

And it only gets better. But is it better than thinking Marvin Bush killed his babysitter?


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where do these people come from? i'm telling you, it scares me to think people like this are walking among us!

Yeah, but did he use the phrase "lubricious prevarication"? I got an email this morning from either another member of the tinfoil hat brigade, or Carl Rove. A (small) sample:

"Our government, the United States, is committing terrible crimes against humanity under the Bush administration in the name of Christianity in the state of New Mexico and throughout our country and the world. Bush and his ideology is destroying peoples? lives at an alarming rate. I?ve been beaten and tortured by the state of New Mexico and the United States Government for many years and now our new governor, Bill Richardson, appears to have no regards for civil and human rights just as Governor Gary Johnson did by allowing these terrible crimes to be committed. Because of the implementation of cruelty by having my arm twisted out of the socket by a guard at B.C.D.C. I?m having problems with the use of my right arm and it has not healed now in many months. I?ve even herniated two disks in my back and cracked a vertebrate, again as in efforts to enforce a contorted machination as a result of the Bush Family Values Bill. It?s unbelievable the terrible crimes this mad man an!
d the state of New Mexico is getting away with by torturing people to elicit retaliation to be able to relegate them to prison and/or jail for even more severe torture and denigration as the victims try to abate the suffering they try to ameliorate diurnally. Many people in the state of New Mexico, and our country have been murdered as an end result of the mad man?s twisted ideology. This is a gross violation of the Declaration of Human Right and the US Constitution."

Sorry for the length. The whole thing was really something else.

In any country of 250 (260? whatever), there are bound to be a certain number of loonies. And everybody loves a good consipracy theory - walk around Dealey Plaza in Dallas (right next to the Grassy Knoll and the Texas School Book Depository) and you will be given no end of JFK assassination conspiracy papers.

Travel to the far-flung areas of Montana, and talk to some of the more extreme "libertarians". There are people around who refuse to have a credit card or checking account, because "they" can track you through the use of such things.

I tend to regard 99.9% of them as harmless loonies. Like the people that still instist NASA never got men to the moon. Is the Flat Earth Society still in existance?

What these people crave more than anything else is publicity. People to spread their crackpot ideas. Evangelising to the unconverted.

Now if you don't mind, I have to do more research on proving that Monica Lewinsky was a plant by Fidel Castro intended to discredit the US presidency and bring down the US regieme. And Ken Starr was in on it too - you can see the similarity if you rearrange the letters of their last names? Coincidence? I think not.....

Wow. My only question is, how on Earth do you dig these people up?

And here I was just wasting my time hoping that Mulder and Scully would hook up. He beat my act.

Can you say "SCHIZOPHRENIA"? I knew you could. This pretty much meets the DSM-IV criteria for "bizarre delusions", and could be enough to have him committed for mental hygiene evaluation. I am TOTALLY serious. This man needs Risperadol STAT.

I dunno. I read it and immediately started to wonder if somebody is just having some fun with the InstyBats. Imagine how much fun it would be to dream up the wackiest, craziest, schizo-conspiracy you could, post it on DU or Indymedia, and see how many of those dinks bite at it. It could be several days worth of entertainment all for free.

Wait. Marvin Bush killed his babysitter?

Damn. I have got to get out more.

If you want to go up one level of plausability and on the other side, there are some people claiming that Joe Wilson must have signed a confidentiality agreement when he went to Niger for the CIA, and therefore should be prosecuted for writing and talking about it.