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in sickness and health

I'm sick.

Not sick in any definable way;it's not a cold or a flu or anything like that. I'm exhausted all the time, so much so that doing something like food shopping makes me crash on the couch for at least an hour afterwards. My bones hurt; a simple task like sweeping the floor has me reaching for the Motrin.

Have I been to the doctor? No, of course not. If my kids run even the slightest fever we are at the doctor's in no time at all. But with me, I tend to try to let things run their course before I make the call. And I'm still not ready yet. Sometimes you just don't want to know what's wrong with you, you know?

Posting may be light or non existant for the remainder of the day. Please head over to Operation Give if you've got a minute. Thanks.


...and sometimes you know enough to not want to know more.

Have you had your TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) level checked lately? It could be a lot of things, but hypothyroidism comes to mind, especially if it doesn't respond to rest and painkillers. It's not uncommon in women your age (29, isn't it?). ;-)

Feel better soon.

10 cc's of vodka, stat. OK, make it 20 cc's with a beer chaser.

You might want to go or you could be like me and end up in the hospital with pneumonia and a pulmonary embolism. Better to be safe than sorry, my dear!

Kymberlie's right Michele, you should look into it. Once it's confirmed that you're basically OK you can go back to overworking with clear conscience.

I hate going to the doctor myself, so I'm sympathetic to your plight. And I know it's a lot easier to tell someone else to go than to go yourself. Even so, if it's a persistent thing and there's not an obvious explanation (like consistently not getting enough sleep), you ought to go ahead and get checked out. The fact that you mentioned the problem here is pretty good evidence that you know you really should go...

You have been working really hard. Our bodies have an amazing way of communicating with us and can tell us to slow down and rest. That communication technique is called PAIN.

See a doctor to rule out any scary possibilities--which thinking about makes you not want to go. I've done the same thing myself (dozens of times). When I do finally go and it ends up being something trivial, I wished I'd gone sooner so I wouldn't have spent so much time worrying.

A doctor said to me once, when I was procrastinating about something I needed to do, "Die of something we can't cure. Don't be an idiot and die of something for being lazy about seeing the doctor."

or it could be mental and emotional burn-out...based on your recent posts, I'm inclinec to incline my opinion in that direction.

The problem, Michele, is that you just spent more of the last week working on the web site and are getting burnt out. You need to relax more, kiddo.

Yer pregnant, kiddo.

Bit your tongue, Kim. Not possible, anyhow.

That's it. I'm rounding you AND the Mr. up and taking you both to the doctor myself. Feel better soon! And rest...the blog can wait...