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Mepham update

Sort of.

I let the story go for the weekend, as there were no new developments.

Tomorrow, the DA will announce whether or not he will ask for the accused teens to be tried as adults.

Steve Jacobson writes about the community of Bellmore sharing the shame of this incident.

The New York Times compares the Mepham hazing to the well-documented Glen Ridge case.

And one of the accused boys will have his court date for tomorrow adjourned, as his father died today.

I'll get back on my Mepham soapbox tomorrow. Previous posts on the subject are listed here.

Back to work for me.

Oh, yay Cubbies!


Dont forget one of the father's of the accused was found dead in his house

I know I should be serious but GO Cubs!

Cubs win! Cubs Win! CUBS WIN!!!!!!!

OK, who wants the Florida end of some Cubs-Marlins action?

who's been waiting for this all his life. That little blip in 84 against the Padres was cruel (up 2-0 then dropped three straight).

I agree about the Cubs. I lived in Illinois for 3 years and I am now an adopted Cub fan. We never made it to a Cubs game, although we did catch the Yankees twice at Comiskey. We were an hour and a half southwest of Chicago, so a day trip to the ever sold out Wrigley Field on the North side was pretty much out of the question.

I will root for them all the way to the series, at which point, they will have to succumb to the Yankees in 4 games.

Jacobson is right, the entire community shares in the shame. Unfortunately, these people apparently know no shame. How do we fire the parents? Indeed......

Let's hope that the PA DA does the right thing and charges them as adults.


I should be in bed -- if not in a hospital -- but I just had to ring in with the break:

As I write this, the DA Mark Zimmer is now announcing live that he is going to try the perps as adults.