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a double scoop of Oh yea

One scoop of NFL please.

And one scoop of MLB. ACLS ALCS, here we come.

damn my typos and damn the people who spot them


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Red Sox's vs. Cubs has a nice ring to it

Red Sox-Cubs? No way, the world would come to an end with those two whiners playing in the WS.

For A's fans, it's been two scoops of bend over no lube.

I mean, fow the huck can a catcher make two errors?

Not to nit-pick, but it's the ALCS.

I honestly think that a Cubs-RedSox series was fortold by Nostredomus and is a harbinger of the end of the world.

I had no idea the Yankees were Window NT/2000 system administrators. Sorry, network geek humor.(Access Control ListS)...

As nice as a Red Sox-Cubs WS would be, let's take care of the A's first. What a game today... can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Donovan McNabb had a crappy game. Eagles won though mainly thanks to N.D. Kalu a definsive linemen who picked one off and ran it back for a TD.

Packers, eh ? I know I've seen hints of that before. Odd choice for a Long Island girl. But then I'm from CT originally and I'm a Cowboys fan (my mom met Roger Staubach in college and he was still at Navy and she was hooked forever).

Ah, Respectability, his name is Bill Parcells.

Being a west-coaster, I can't think of anything worse than a NY/Boston ALCS.

What would a Red Sox fan be anyway without the curse of the Bambino to hold on to. It is part of their essence, a security blanket. Let the curse live!

Save a Red Sox Fan - Go A's!

Save a Tree, Eat a Beaver!