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the day the music died

Radiohead named World's Greatest Band.

Readers of Q had selected Radiohead over Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Blur.

That selection proves that rock is dead and the readers of Q should be arrested for murder.


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Queens of the Stone Age are the greatest band in rock n' roll. And Mark Lanegan has the best voice.

I gave him a ride back to his hotel after a show last night.

I am now officially cool.

Oh, and about Radiohead--they really were one of the best bands until they completely lost the script. Now they're just a band struggling to maintian their image while wandering aimlessly through their latest mediocre CDs.

Call me old-fashioned (or just old) but this strikes me as roughly equivalent to being voted the best baseball team in the NHL.

Well, it was "Q" magazine. British and all that. And Zomby's right about QOTSA! They make me want to abuse nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol.

And the Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers have turned into the .38 Special / REO Speedwagon of our time.

I guess it depends on what is meant by "best".

In 30 years time, who will remember any of teh current top groups?

Norbiz, if you're ever in Denver, I owe you a beer...

It doesn't seem like any bands with any great staying power have emerged in the past 5 to 8 years. It doesn't seem like they make them like Metallica, or Aerosmith or Ozzy anymore. The people that do what they want, no matter what and make great music. Sure, they go through highs and lows but they endure for the better.

Were the people who voted for Radiohead on heroin? Radiohead is one of the WORST bands around today. They are all that is wrong with pop music today, it's uninspired schlock rock. It's lameness. I would rather listen to Frank Stallone's new CD than anything by Radiohead.

lol...nice post although I do like R.Hd...and I'm not a Brit.

I can top that. MTV2's 22 greatest bands ever.

Van Halen #21, Limp Bizkit #20.

List immediately invalidated.

WTF is "Radiohead?" Never heard a single song of theirs. If it's anything like REM or some other "critics fave," I suspect that I'm better off NOT hearing them.

And Frank Stallone is at least entertaining, if only in a cheesy sort of way. But cheese is pretty good - after all, EVERYone likes cheese to some degree.

I'm quite fond of Radiohead, though I wouldn't go so far as to call them the thigh-slappin' best durned band in the countryside. It's quite amazing how far their music progressed from OK Computer to Kid A to Amnesiac. Amnesiac is by far their most experimental album, and it seems a high-water mark after Hail to the Thief was released.

You can schlock-rock them all you want, and you can channel the comic book guy and say "worst. band. ever.", but damn, Radiohead has chops. A friend of mine recently graduated as a music composition major and he spent a lot of time transcribing Radiohead's music in college. One day he was completely stoked because he had finally decoded the time signature on Pyramid Song. It cycles between bars of 2/4 and 3/4, but in such a way that before the drums kick in it sounds like the piano is just lagging behind through certain parts of the phrase. Sophisticated stuff.

The true brutality is that Mates of State, Matt Pond PA, The Postal Service, Cowboy Curtis and DJ Shadow will probably never wander into the ears of the general public. Oh, and Happy Apple. Damn, the world could certainly be worse off than to have Happy Apple running around as the Greatest.

Cycling between 2/4 and 3/4? That's cool and all, but I can trump that with almost every song Rush recorded between "Caress of Steel" and "Permanent Waves" ;-) And the Foo Fighters recently got 7/8 on the radio ("Times Like These", although the radio version cuts most of that section).

Hmmmph. I would venture a guess that most, if not all, the members of these groups weren't even BORN YET when the greatest band of all time was playing. And that's not even NAMING one. Take your damn pick -

Led Zepplin
Pink Floyd
Black Sabbath
Grateful Dead (sentimental choice)

Good lord you can't be serious. Foo Fighters?!?!?!? Kill me now.

Rock died the day "London Calling" was used in a car commercial.

"Cycling between 2/4 and 3/4"?

Um, isn't that called "got no sense of rhythm"? [duck]

big sugar. big sugar. gordie johnson. yeah. that's all i can say. radiohead hrm stopped being interesting a good while ago.

how much do you wanna bet that readers of Q also think that Creed "rocks"...?

Q is kind of the highbrow British version of Rolling Stone, Mikey. They're more likely to give props to Interpol or the Shins. They probably hate Creed even more than right-thinking Americans do.

Any "greatest band ever" list without Led Zeppelin on it is a joke.

There's precious little good, authentic rock & roll among the massively popular bands of today, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of great music out there for the taking. Bands like the Donnas, the Eyeliners, the Groovie Ghoulies and the Queers , have me more excited about rock & roll than I have been for a very long time.

The beauty of the Internet is that it makes it possible to find music that you likely never would have encountered in the past, if you're willing to put just a little bit of effort into it.

I think the whole "best band" concept is silly. Instead, I'll just list 5 (in current rotation) in no particular order:
  • Radiohead
  • Queens Of The Stone Age
  • White Stripes
  • Interpol
  • Deftones
Don't agree? Too bad! ;)

Radiohead? RADIOHEAD? Give me a frigging break!

I notice that it was quite a few "emo" bands, and other fashionable crap. No Led Zepplin? What about Rush? If you want more modern bands, what about Tool? Any band who can work the Fibbionacci Sequence into a frigging song deserves some credit!

Dane, you like messing around with time signatures? Tool has one that I still can't figure out, and I've been drumming for over 15 years.

I spent some time in college as a jazz studies major and studied African rhythms a bit.

Tool does some really neat things with time signatures; a lot of their songs seem to be done in 5/4, but there are times where the time completely trips out and becomes some wild through-composed stuff. I've always admired them for passages like that.

The jazz guitarist Pat Metheny does some neat things with time in the song First Circle; I believe it's in 13/8 or something, but the accents are such that it's really, really hard to track.

And there's a lot to be learned from Phish's song "You Enjoy Myself," whether you appreciate stumbling hippie music or not. The entire piece is through-composed, mostly in 3/4, but with the occasional bar of 3/8 or 6/8 tossed in to keep things juicy. No vocals, just swirling waves of sound.

7/8 gets me every time, though. Props to Foo Fighters for doin' it.

1) "Greatest Band", not "Greatest Band of All Time". That means that has-beens like Led Zep and the Doors are out. Frankly, it means the Dead are out, too, since they suck at anything but long, boring bluegrass songs. (Nyah.) Floyd is still around, but far too mellowed to be the "greatest band" currently playing.

2) Obviously, it's Monster Magnet.

3) Remember, this is a UK rag. Radiohead are Local Boys to them, no?

4) I repeat, Monster Magnet.

The best band???? Easy....The Eagles...Period.

radiohead was number one because they are against President Bush. Sheesh, Q is just as leftwing as those DUmmies at Maxim.

Alright. I'm goin old skool on all your asses. You want 'best band'? I give you the Benny Goodman Orchestra.

'Nuff said.

you are all dumb asses. radiohead is the greatest band in the world right now. the local radio stations just haven't convinced you, so you're still stuck on shit like monster magnet and queens of the stone age. and no, it isn't b/c they're against bush. it's because they are constantly reinventing themselves and rock music. you may not like them now, but when radiostations play bands copying what radiohead first did, you'll hopping on 2008's version of nickelback.