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apparently bush is just the man behind the curtain

Holy Moonbats, Batman.

Apparently, Israel has struck Syria not because there are Palestinian terror camps there, but because.....oh, do I really have to say it? You should know the drill by now.

Well, it's all a ploy, you see. A big conspiracy involving Bush Sr., Russia, WWIII, armageddon, a plan to suspend the 2004 elections and I think something to do with who shot Kennedy.

It just couldn't be about self-preservation, could it? And where are all the people condemning the fact that Syria is hosting Palestinian terror camps? No, these jackasses would rather sit around and playing Clue and looking for the hidden meaning behind every single move Israel makes, always looking for a way to finish off their thoughts by calling Bush the anti-christ.

Bush is not blameless for the shredded road map, but come on people. Call what you see, not what you think in that deranged, tin-foil clad mind of yours. Someone over at DU or Indymedia or any of those wingnut sites please prove me wrong and condemn Arafat, condemn terrorist attacks, condemn the Palestinian terrorist organizations and stop twisting everything around so that somehow, some way, it's all about Bush making distractions during his attempt to take over the world.

On a related note, Laurence is one pissed off Jew today and I don't think he's going to spend Yom Kippur atoning.


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Wait, Israel is taking orders from Bush? I thought it was the other way around...

You HAD to have a link to DU, didn't you?

I HAD to click on the link to DU, didin't I?

Jumpin' Jeebus on a pogo stick, those people are sick, sick, sick. Reactionary barking moonbats.

Monkeypants is right. My brain hurts.

LOL!!! That's too funny and stupid to be serious.

"One way or another, unCurious George definitely signed off on this. What a fucking mess he's made out of the world..."

Oh that cracks me up. On the one hand, Sharon is a lunatic, guilty of hate crimes, that wants to exterminate the "palestinians", but on the other hand, he is calling up Bush to ask permission to go kill terrorists.

Are these the same people voting on "greatest band of all time" ?

Doh! Topic locked by the time I got there. Missed all the fun.

Another one for Occam's Razor. This is nothing more than Israel playing the eye for an eye game. We would do (hell we DID) the same thing.

"Someone over at DU or Indymedia or any of those wingnut sites please prove me wrong and condemn Arafat, condemn terrorist attacks"

I do and also the 11 (not 7) Arab members who Left NJ Solidarity on account of the Islamic sanction against targetting civilians.

I condemn violence directed at civilians.

We, not McGreevy, got the Palestine conference moved to Ohio, and out of the hands of NJ Solidarity in response to positions NJ Solidarity held that were not held by a majority of the groups who will attend the conference.