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Operation Give

I'm sure you are wondering (humor me, ok?) why there's been such a dearth of posts the past few days.

You can blame it all on Chief Wiggles and an offhanded remark he made about giving a stuffed animal to an Iraqi girl. Somehow, that little story he told has blossomed into Operation Give.

It has been like Christmas here in October for all of us on my team who have been opening your packages as we attempt to sort the items to insure the right kids get your gifts. It is so much fun going through the boxes, evening playing with the toy dinosaurs as I had flash backs from my own childhood. I am so thrilled with the items you have sent for these kids.

I took out the first toys and school supplies to a family we visited with tonight, treasuring each smile and sparkle in the children’s eyes as I handed them the specially selected items. You are making so many great things possible here in this land of trouble. This is just so magical.

I don't even remember how I got involved with this project, I'm just glad I did. For the past few days, I have been doing nothing but creating a website for Operation Give and you, my dear and loyal and generous readers, get a sneak preview of a site that's almost there, but not quite ready for prime time.

You can link it if you want; all of the basic information is there. We will be tweaking and adding content and news as the days go on.

[I'm engaging in a bit of that sin called pride right now. This is the first website I ever made from scratch, without using a ready-made template.]

So, go see what Operation Give is all about. Find out how you can help, or just spread the word. And remember, this is just a sneak preview of the site; we have not officially launched yet and some of the links go nowhere.

Operation Give


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Linked. Because I'm a commie SocialistDemocratraitor.

It's beautiful! I wonder often how you and other prolific posters find time to do things like this. I'm so glad you do, though.

I'm not sure how she does it either. Truly amazing work and sacrifice of time.

I hope, when the Chief gets back, we can all get together to laugh, cry and just reflect upon all that has happened.


You got involved because I called you in the middle of the day and asked if you could help me make some buttons, and maybe someone to help make an HTML page, for a blog campaign for the Chief.

My how it's grown since then. :-)

I'm off topic. I know, I know, but, HOW 'BOUT THEM PACKERS??

Are there buttons to be used for links to the site? (I can make some from the images on the page if needed.) As soon as it's cool to do so, I'd like to put a link to this on my blog. Great idea and great work to all who've put this together. Ahh, the power of the blogosphere.

Very nicely done. Should one use the button at the top of the page to link?

Oscar, that would be fine. We are working on getting some buttons up on the Op Give site, but anyone is free to use the one up top of this page for now.

The page looks fab -- I'm very proud of you guys for this!

Excellent! If there's anything I can help with just ask.