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sunday edition of "presented without commentary"

[ed. note to self: so much for your weekend free from posting about news, eh? ed. answers self: well, maybe if the news would stop happening, i could stop bitching. ed: hah.]

Merde in France, my source for all the news about the French that could make your hair turn gray, reports on the latest head-scratching developments from the country that hates us:

Paris mayor Bertrand DelanoŽ has bestowed honorary French citizenship on Mumia Abu-Jamal, convicted cop killer, who is on Pennsylvania death row. In an anti-American hatefest, speakers present at the ceremony bleated out support for Mumia and condemned American unilateralism, the US military presence in Iraq, and the use of the death penalty in the US.

Like I said, without commentary.


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Is he still on death row? I thought it'd been commuted to life.

Hmmm, I say the next time one of France's neighbors wants to expand, we let them.

A quick search on yahoo turns up a bunch of support sites for Jamal. He's been on death row since 1981.

Well, I'm against the death penalty, too, but... that's a little extreme. If you're going to protest the death penalty in general, that's great, but let's not foget that this dude is a cop-killer. Not exactly martyr material.

M. Mayor probably saw a listing of "Free Mumia!" sites and thought that whatever Mumia was, at least it was free and he ought to get some of it.

It's probably been posted here before, but here is a great site to rebut all the wild claims in support of Mumia. http://www.danielfaulkner.com/

As for the article, just another example of moral bankruptcy... but at least they are consistent in their support for murderous dictators and copkillers.

I guess David Berkowitz, Mark David Chapman and Richard Ramirez will just have to wait until next year. Better luck next time fellas.

Hey, Joel Steinberg gets out of jail soon. When is he getting the parade down the Champs Elysees?

Hmm. Anybody remember Ira Einhorn? Seems the French love this kind of scum.

It seems that the farther you get from Philadelphia, the greater the support for Mumia's innocence. Having lived in Philly for many years (in fact, right across the street from the corner where Faulkner was murdered), I think that's because, in Philly, everyone knows thing like the fact that Daniel Faulkner was, in fact, killed with a .38 calibur bullet matching Mumia's gun. It's general knowledge (as is the name Daniel Faulkner - ask a French, or hell, most any Mumia supporter who Faulkner is, and you're likely to get a blank stare. A Philly news station tried it at a "Free Mumia" protest a few years ago, and were not disppointed). People who lived in Philadelphia before the murder (I was not one of them, and would have been too young anyway), also know damn well that Mumia was no hotshot journalist who was a rival of Mayor Rizzo. He became famous, even in his own city, when Daniel Faulkner was killed.

It's pretty easy to believe the hype when you are so far removed from it. I watched (mostly out-of-town) protesters walk across the site of the murder without even acknowleding that it was the location of the "frame up" (as they believe). To me, it's frightening how little they know about an incident they spend so much time focusing on. As for Mumia's French citizenship... can't say I'm shocked.

Fry Mumia

Holy moley. It just occurred to me (I guess the coffee finally kicked in), Einhorn's from Philadelphia, too. WTF?

Here's a thought - we send ALL the serial killers, cop killers, serial rapists, etc., etc. over to France.

they get made honorary citizens
we don't have to use taxpayer money to keep them in prison.

it's a win-win situation...

Only if we give them guns, knives and saute skillets.