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this is the war that never ends

A 20 year old woman walks into a crowded family restaurant and proceeds to blow herself up, taking the lives of nineteen innocent people.

You may wonder what makes a young woman -or a young man, for that matter - do such a thing. It's simple, really. It's their culture.

The terrorist's name was Hanadi Jarahat. She was a law student who was only a short time away from being certified as a lawyer. Hanadi apparently took great offense when Israeli police killed her brother and cousin, both of whom were members of the terrorist group Islamic Jihad.

Hanadi's surviving brother, Thahir, is hardly broken up about his sister's death:

"But we are receiving congratulations from people," Thahir said.

"Why should we cry? It's like her wedding today, the happiest day for her," he said.

What can we expect from a people who raise their children to believe that murder is honorable? Sadly, we can only expect more Hanadi Jarahats to rise from the despicable culture of death that pervades the Palestinians and the hateful mentality of those who support them; Americans like Adam Shapiro who are running to protect terrorism-enabler Arafat.

Now, Israle retaliates by going after terrorist camps.

The moonbats and anti-Semites and conspiracy theorists all huddle together, their dirty little cabal creating stories and lies and innuendos to place the blame anywhere but where it belongs and they come up with a winner:

It's a plot by the Americans. It's a pretext to war. This has been planned for ages so Israel could attack Syria or kill Arafat or do other dirty work for the nasty American government, which will do anything to distract the voting American public.

Yom Kippur begins tonight, a time of atonement for Jews. But how many Jews will be able to let go of the anger and rage that has welled up anew in the past 24 hours?

....I may have severe problems atoning sincerely enough for the sin of anger.

I doubt I will be alone in that.

The U.N. and Bush and Powell will continue to appease Arafat and his henchmen. And this will go on forever. And the anger and the rage will never die and I, for one, do not think anyone should have to atone for such a natural response to hateful, brutal murder.


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We better hope that Arab society opens up and learns morality from us by osmosis (absorbtion), because I just don't see signs that western society has the resolve to end this by crushing the terrorists.

Even if Bush wanted to, does it really look like washington is going to really carry the war on Islamists forward after he leaves?

The cold war did us in, perhaps. There was so much cultural resentment to the cold war that we're just not accepting applications for any more enemies, thank you. You can blow us up all you want and we'll just shower you with kisses.

Of course I'm talking about the Americas and Europe. Israel is even worse for a different reason. Israel is so left wing that they just sit back and watch their kids blow up. I don't think they'll ever really end this even thought it's their fight.

Concerning the "pretext to war" link....

The USS Liberty did not sink in the attack in 1967. It's problematic little innacuracies like this that make me realize how little research the left does to write their blathering little pieces of stupidity.

She was an Old Maid getting too old to have children. He said it was like her wedding day when they could finally get rid of her. I don't accept that 'revenge theory.' Sorry, it doesn't wash with me. And the more I read it, the less regard I have for it.

Dave-who's-not-here [;-)]: Don't equate ol' Lyndy LaRouche with the left. Despite the similarities, he's in his own unique little corner of spacetime (just hang a left at BizarroWorld).

She killed four kids. I mean, xst. Even I have better maternal instincts than that.

At least she managed to kill four of her own, too. Stupid bitch.

I wonder what circle of Hell she will get her condo in?

I think handi was misguided like most of the palestenians her age....as an arab american....i am baffled by the supply of people in the occupied terroitories to kill themselves, and even more so....by their willingness to take innocent lives with them....i don't get....the explanation of the desperation of the situation doesn't cut it for me.....but maybe being born and raised in america is my fault......my idea of desperation must be nowhere close to theirs....either way...i sympathize with all those who lose their lives in this conflict...whether incidentally, willingly, or as the result of military defense....i wish people on this board would post more constructive messages.......i am a muslim with pretty much only jewish friends...and frankly.....i try to take my relationships with people beyond some sort religious context....furthermore...i hate generalizations....isn't that what anti-semitism is all about.......so as much as you want to generalize about arabs...i'd hope you appreciate the consequences.....which is your no better than your counterparts on the other side....to claim the higher ground you must hold onto it w/o exception....ghandi understood this principle....hatred only feeds itself.....if more people on both sides grasped this.....things would get better......i know living with the realities is a lot harder than talking about it...but i am hard pressed to find any other way to look at this....a person is no better than another because of what god he or she worships.....people need to remember this....a human being is a human being.....whether he's a sociopath or mother theresa....how you measure up to the extremes is based on how well you recognize this. We may hate or despise or not understand the purpose of people who murder others.......but to treat them in the same way based on their actions is to identify with them....and that inherently brings us closer to their way of life , when we should seek to distance ourselves as much as possible from their approach to dealings with other humans....each life taken only makes matters worse.....unless of course you believe that one person can sacrifice himself for the good of the whole....if you agree with that....if the figher pilot shot down defending his country or the secret service men taking a bullet for the president or the mother protecting her child from an attacker...if these people did right by dying in defense...and if every soldier in iraq is doing right when he dies fighting a war on a foreign soil...then maybe the suicide bombers have found plenty of things on society to identify with and justify their actions.....i personally have a hard time understanding sacrifice beyond protecting ones immediate family from harm...and thus don't understand the goals of terrorists....but i do realize that we dropped the bomb on hiroshima and nagasaki to save american lives...despite the risks to innocent civilians...and thus as an american.....i see no grounds to criticze a palestenian who kills innocent civilians if i am not willing to critize ever act of war that many countries have engaged in that directly target civilians under the assumption that it would save or improve their peoples future...however as i feel all violece is unwarranted.....i can at least feel comfortable saying there were better choices for this law student......and that ultimately she is not a martyr but a murderer....but then again i feel that way about any soldier who fires a rifle in the occupied terroitories...about any f-16 that drops bombs.....and about any form of non confrontational war like sanctions...that results in the starvation or direct indirect murder of innocent people....all of which have been commited by our great democratic nation....sadly utopia does nto exist....and thus we must recognize our flaws when dealing with the flaws of others......wanting to defeat your enemy is not wrong....but thinking your morally right is.....great nations are built at the expense of others......that's the harsh reality of the world....i can live with that....but am also humbled by it....so if i ever have the chance to take the high road....i will.....because god knows....more often than not....i won't have that opportunity