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if the voting age was ten..

Every Monday in school, DJ's teacher makes them watch a tape of the Sunday news. They talk about it all week and on Friday they write a few paragraphs about what they learned.

In addition to his observances on fat ballerinas (how could someone lift them?) and Israel (make that fence out of steel), DJ wrote a rather lengthy paragraph on presidential debates, the 2004 election, the plethora of Democratic candidates and how, if the election were held tomorrow and if the voting age was ten, he would vote for Dean.

I'm reserving comment on that for a few more months.


I wish I could think of something which is simultaeously funny, and charming, to say about this, ummm, admission of yours, but my wit is inadequate to the task. Perhaps you ought to leave the young child out of this.

I have an 8 year old and a 5 year old in elementary school (and next year, another kindergartner). I kinda quake in my shoes re: the "news" that is given to my elementary age children. I'd like to be the news filter for my children, at least until they are in middle school/junior high. Is this a totally outta-whack request? (Aside from the smarmy "humans are killing the earth/animals" enviro sh*t they are already exposed to.)

I mean, really, presidential debates at 10? If it's something more than "this is how our democracy operates" (i.e., delves into "political positions" which can then be "colored" by the teacher) --- well, I really might have a problem with that.

At the age of 13, I thought that Jello Biafra should be President...so I'm reasonably confident that your child will grow out of it, too!

DJ has to have a little chat with Aunt Lisa...