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too much coffee man

The boy was born to play a coffee cup.

It was as if an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force had come to life. Perhaps Master Shake has a long lost brother named Master Coffee.

[click images for grande latte size]

I heard Natalie say "You're goin' down, Coffee Boy!"

And down he went.

In the end, the superheros always get the girls.


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I always knew that Shake was a whore to corporate interests.

What's next? Meatwad painting himself yellow and bouncing around a Wal-Mart?

He looks so happy to be a coffee cup. You have to appreciate a guy with a good self image. Or a cup with a good self image. Whatever. Looks like it is fun.

I hope he is trying to break dance in that second picture and not just falling down. Or that he wasn't pushed by Nat.


He makes playing a giant coffee look like so much fun.


Did she hit him with a baseball bat? ;)

Did he spill any coffee on you? If so, immediately sue and win millions in the Liability Lotto Jackpot Game™

just what LI needs another Dunkin Donuts...

dd - a truly east coast phenomenon.

we just do starbucks out here. love those $5 cups of coffee.