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controversy free since....now!

Val's feeling the itch, as well. You know, the itch that gets under your skin and you scratch and scratch until you're left with a bloody mess and you say hey, what the hell did I scratch that thing for?

I'm taking a vacation from scratching that damn itch. No, I'm not going to stop blogging. Like that would ever happen. I just mean that for the rest of the weekend - to drag a metaphor on and on - I'm going to apply some fresh ointment and powder to the itch and...oh, forget it.

I'm just going to stay away from politics and religion and sports and possibly even the Krispy Kreme v. Dunkin' Donuts controversy and the whole Crips v. Bloods thing. No Red Sox fan baiting, no war talk, no election blogging, nothing.

Instead you will get Halloween and a few contests and maybe a long overdue episode of When Action Figures Come Alive.

I'll follow up on the Mepham case as necessary, because it's my own private mission.

But for now, this is a controversy free zone. Now go read Val, who does not use disgusting metaphors to me make a point.

And now, your moment of zen.


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Hmmm...Not even a comment on Britney and her recent cover? Link from The Modern Age.

mmmmmm... nice t-shirt

Shall we lay bets on how long she is able to refrain?

But but but, what the hell happened???? I was gone for a few hours and I come home and no more controversy? This can't be? Why???

Too late. You're in a controversy quagmire. ;P

Michele declared world peace, and nobody's brave enough to argue with her.

Boy, that's a perfectly reasonable decision. Not the best of times for some, that's for sure.

Boobs...Nature's peacemakers.

I might be in the minority, but I've always preferred the Michele that wrote about things in her own life, instead of screaming at the screwed up world.

Your personal experiences are real and you write them so well. The rants are just emotional opinion shouting, and everyone can do that.

Don't blog Halloween. You'll get the nutzos that think Halloween is a satanic plot. Heaven forbid that kids dress up in costumes and get free candy.


How about a controversy-free project?

Know any Comic Book Artists who might be interested in doing a Wonder Woman type Comic Book out of this woman?


Then the talk or thought balloons would have to be translated into Arabic.

With all your Comic Book connections, could you ask around?