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Mepham update

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We drove past Mepham High School last night on our way home from dropping off the friends we went to dinner with. It's the same route I always take from their house; I've driven past this school thousands of times.

Last night there were tv vans camped outside the school. It was late, too late for anything to be going on inside the building. Long poles and wires snaked out from the vans. Bright lights came from within. I suppose they were just waiting. Waiting for some kids to walk past the school, waiting for morning to come and fresh interviews to be had.

I've discovered that a lot of people are coming here to find updates; this surprises me, I thought you all would be bored with this by now. And then I am double surprised when I do a Google News search for "Mepham" to catch up on the latest and I see it's not just all over the country, but in the UK as well. It makes me feel almost as if I have to defend the local communities, defend Long Island. Just keep in mind that this has happened in one town, in one high school. Other local school districts are standing back and watching carefully; some have sent home letters stating that their administration has already taken the necessary precautions and no, don't worry, your child is safe with us.

I think I've interjected enough of my opinion into my posts on this subject so you know exactly how I feel on every aspect of this case. For now, I just present the new developments, without extraneous commentary:

The criminal charges filed against the three football players:

* Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse- Felony 1st Degree
* Aggravated Assault- Felony 1st Degree
* Kidnapping- Felony First Degree
* Unlawful Restraint- Felony 2nd Degree
* False Imprisonment- Felony 2nd Degree
* Terroristic Threats- Misdemeanor 1st Degree
* Criminal Coercion- Misdemeanor 2nd Degree
* Simple Assault- Misdemeanor 2nd Degree
* Reckless Endangering of Another Person- Misdemeanor 2nd Degree
* Ethnic Intimmidation- Misdemeanor 3rd Degree
* And multiple counts of Criminal Conspiracy to commit many of the above crimes

If the ethnic intimidation charge has been filed already, then the revelation last night that there were racial overtones to a portion of the assualt is sadly true.


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wow - i just came across this from a link on weasel manor. it's a wicked world that we live in.