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portrait time

I thought it was time for a picture update of the kids.

Taken at Applebee's earlier tonight where we spotted a man walking around with a huge "Mepham Pride" button on.

[click for larger images]

I don't think DJ was aware that he had pizza sauce on his face when he asked the waitress for her phone number (Call me, babe. We'll do lunch).

And yes, those are safety pins on Natalie's home-made bracelet. And her nails are painted black. We've moved on from American Idol, folks. New year, new phase.


Hah! Cute, beautiful even, but not as beautful as my daughter, Meggie J. Muggs, the Monkey Girl.

Imperial Lizaroid Trainer

Don't tell me that there's a full length poster of Gary Numan in her room now! The horror!


She is so beautiful Michele and he is too cute. :) I really need to get some pics of the boys up too. Gotta catch Mark when he's not mad at me. :(

Girl, you made some pretty children.


OOOHH! Jelly bracelets!

Black nail polish is okay, I still paint mine black occasionally-- really freaks out the business people! Just keep her away from Day-Glo...

I still have five thin black ones on, kind of my last connection to my misspent 20s.

Beautiful kids, Michele.

Beautiful kids, Michele!

Please tell Natalie to dump some weight off that left wrist. She's starting to list to port. ;-)

My daughter just turned 13 and is in the same phase. Last year Justin was just dreamy, and Destiny's Child was all that. This year, Dani Filth is the coolest, as is Kittie and Otep. Black, black, and more black. I'll have to say I'm more comfortable with my kid listening to Cradle of Filth than that over produced over marketed Insync crap. I'm holding my ground on the no tattoo rule.

I had no idea jelly bracelets were back. I've really gotta get out more often... I remember having about that many on my wrist in the 6th grade during my "Like a Virgin" Madonna phase and my grandparents coming for a visit. My Grandpa asked my mom how much I paid for them. Then proceeded to shriek, "You could get those for less than $0.05 a piece at the auto shop! Those are o-rings!" Deflated my ego pretty quick...

Beautiful pics of beautiful kids!

Beautiful kids, Michele, and I feel like I'm staring into the future - my twins turned 5 yesterday. Boy/girl.

I don't worry so much about the musical choices (it's only Radio Disney so far). I'll out-weird them until further notice. These days, Gary Numan is a better choice than most, and I'm the one who listens to the crazy s**t in my house. The kids tell me to turn it off!!

Brings up an interesting story. The tunes Radio Disney plays (aside from Hilary Duff and everyone who sounds exactly the same) are remakes of old '80s "New Wave" tunes. 'Kids in America', 'I Want Candy', 'The Tide Is High', and several others I can't think of at this hour. Anyway, I play my kids all of the original tunes, and they like those, too. The hardest thing is trying to explain '20 years ago'!

Who says the oldsters don't have it anymore?


Oops! If I'd scrolled down just a couple more lines, I'd have seen that my previous comment would be more at home under 'Fred Durst must be stopped'than here

"Read the whole thing" indeed. WG

"Call me, babe. We'll do lunch." LOL