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fred durst must be stopped

I just heard the most revolting, disgusting, wretched thing ever. I think my ears are bleeding.

Limp Bizkit's has remade The Who's Behind Blue Eyes.

Fred Durst, that whining, self-pitying, no-talent excuse for a man has ruined a beautiful, emotional song. It's complete with his trademark moaning and groaning plus a retarded Speak and Spell inspired bridge in the middle.

Now, a million disaffected teenagers will be singing Behind Blue Eyes as if it were the most meaningful song ever because - wow, man. Fred really speaks to me, he knows how I feel, I just want to cry when that song comes on the radio and they won't know. They'll think it's a Limp Bizkit song. They probably never even heard of The Who.

And now he's sucking face with Halle Berry. How does such a sad specimen of man end up with Storm?

Rock is dead.


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At least you didn't have to hear it live.

On one level I was surprised he could sing at
all, on another I was as traumatized as you are. My wife and I responded (correctly, I think) by going to get supper.

Please...He killed George Michael's song "Faith". He should have been stopped then.

He does have some good songs. "Break Things" has a ring to it

I don't have a thing against remakes always, but I do hate it when I song gets remade, and then people start calling it the remaker's song.

Reminds me of when Bush first became popular. Went to see their show, and there were about ten teenage girls who had the hots for Gavin Rossdale sitting next to me and my friend.

They started up with a cover of REM's "Superman," and the girls just kept looking at each other in puzzlement.
"What's this?"
"I've never heard it before."
They kept wondering until one starstruck girl proclaimed boldly: "It's off their new album. God, he's so talented. It just speaks to my soul."

They had the oddest expressions on their faces when they saw my friend and I laughing like a pair of loons.


Halle Berry!


OK, I got one.

My ex-girlfriend, who was a few years younger than I, was looking at the MP3 files folder on my computer one day and kept stopping at Love's Alone Again Or. I asked what was up, and it turned out she had downloaded some newer version by someone I'd never heard of and hadn't realized it was a remake. That happened quite a few times as I recall.

Another time in college a professor played Pat Boone's version of Ain't That a Shame in class. (It was a radio programming class.) Scary. Still, some kid in class thought Cheap Trick did the first version of it.

And Franky Goes to Hollywood covered Born to Run; Melissa Ethridge committed sacrilege with Thunder Road. Fred Durst now has committed a similar offense.

The Damned does a fantastic version of Alone Again Or.

And if I swallow anything evil...

Yikes! Fred Durst couldn't speak to a bum's soul...unless it's an angry bum with bad musical taste. That has to be my favorite The Who song, period.

Halle Berry and the Durst-monger? Well, nobody said she was smart... just very, very pretty.

No, rock is not dead, it's just hiding in the souls of those who really care. Never give up hope...

Johnny Cash remade Trent Reznor's Hurt and it was a VAST improvement.

I don't believe that anyone could remake Behind Blue Eyes and do it any justice. I'm afraid to hear the Durst version.

You oldsters are like totally whacked.

REM's "Superman" is a cover version. The original was recorded by the Clique.

Limp Bizkit's has remade The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes".


And now he's sucking face with Halle Berry.

I'm not sure which is worse.

Many times I come to your site and I disagree w/ your opinions, being on the other side of the political spectrum from you. However I keep coming back because I love your wit and the way you demand that those who disagree with you do it in an intelligent manner.

But today I come here and find that there is much we do agree on. Fred Durst being a "rock" star must certainly be a sign of the coming Apocalypse.

It's nice to know that there are still issues that can unite liberal and conservative alike.

rock is dead
rockkk is deadddddddd
shit man
just goes to show you
all these yahoos today cant come up with a single &^$*( new thought
they're all grabbing the great sounds of the great rockers
what can ya do?
we're getting old

Halle Berry left her husband... FOR FRED DURST?

If there is a God, he is not merciful.

Down at the Astoria the scene was changing,
Bingo and rock were pushing out X-rating,
We were the first band to vomit in the bar,
And find the distance to the stage too far,
Meanwhile it's getting late at ten o'clock,
Rock is dead they say,
Long live rock!

Long live rock, I need it every night,
Long live rock, come on and join the line,
Long live rock, be it dead or alive.

People walk in sideways pretending that they're leaving,
We put on our makeup and work out all the lead-ins,
Jack is in the alley selling tickets made in Hong Kong,
Promoter's in the pay box wondering where the band's gone,
Back in the pub the governor stops the clock,
Rock is dead, they say,
Long live rock!

Long live rock, I need it every night,
Long live rock, come on and join the line,
Long live rock, be it dead or alive.

Landslide, rocks are falling,
Falling down 'round our very heads,
We tried but you were yawning,
Look again, rock is dead, rock is dead, rock is dead.

The place is really jumping to the high-watt amps,
'Til a 20-inch cymbal fell and cut the lamps,
In the blackout they dance right into the aisle,
And as the doors fly open even the promoter smiles,
Someone takes his pants off and the rafters knock,
Rock is dead, they say,
Long live rock, long live rock, long live rock!

Long live rock, I need it every night,
Long live rock, come on and join the line,
Long live rock, be it dead or alive!

Yeah, The Damned, that's it.

Why is anyone surprised? Like this is something that Fred Durst wouldn't do? Oh, and while Mr. Cash made wonderful music, I have to disagree that his version was a "vast improvement" when it comes to Hurt.

Here is proof that the Devil owns rock and roll. Durst sold his soul to become a rock stare and BEHOLD!, yes I said BEHOLD! he became one without talent, rhyme or reason.

What a bowlfloater.

Rather than derail the comment here I invite you to go to http://www.daves-not-here.net so that I can explain why Johnny Cash's performance of "Hurt" is better than Mr. Reznor's.

I'd also like to apologize to Michele for directing folks to my site.

This almost cries out for a contest: worst possible combination of song and the band to cover it.

Dixie Chicks: Living Dead Girl

"Now, a million disaffected teenagers will be singing Behind Blue Eyes as if it were the most meaningful song ever..."

You mean like we did? If the kids like it maybe a few will take the time to seek out the original. Even if they don't, the lyrics stand alone regardless of who's singing (or shouting) them.

That's why you become a rock star if you want the chicks. Fred Durst would be banging Jacksonville trailer trash. Instead he's been with:

Jaime Bergman

Carmen Electra

Britney Spears

and now Halle Berry.

Oh, "Behind Blue Eyes" blows no matter who performs it.

If it makes you feel any better, I actually punked out Durst. In 1995 Lint Bisquick was touring with a band I hang with. Six nights my band opened the show for the tour. The first night we were on the bill Durst got drunk and started talking shit about my band. I don't think he thought I would react. After a couple of warnings, Fat Boy went flying. He didn't say another fucking word to me or my band for the rest of the shows. He may have gotten rich and famous since then, but I'll always know he's a little bitch.

Limp Bizkit was a whole lot better than I thought they would be at Summer Sanitarium this July, but when they covered Sanitarium I just wished they would get off the stage and Metallica would get on. Then Metallica played it in their show and Limp was just a faint and slightly bitter memory.

Though I hear their new guitarist knows every Metallica song ever, so I give him credit for that.

Personally, I preferred the Rupert Giles version of the song. :-)

I second the comment above. If you can't get the original - go for Giles' version.

Damn, M. Scott Eiland and A.C. beat me to it. Giles rocked "Behind Blue Eyes" at the Espresso Pump, reminded lesbian Willow why she had a crush on him, and horrified Xander. All much better reactions than people puking at Fred Durst.
And there's trivia: Did you know that Anthony Stewart Head is the brother of one-hit-wonder Murray Head (of slight "One Night in Bangkok" semi-fame)?

Actually, Murray Head's a two-hit wonder. "Jesus Christ Superstar" ring any bells?

Durst is a total wanker and Halle Berry doesn't seem to be too stable either. She seems to be keeping up with J Lo for marriages.

"No, rock is not dead, it's just hiding in the souls of those who really care. Never give up hope..." (kresh)

When Matt Welch posted his question, I said "No." I never gave up on Led Zeppelin. Never, ever. I said that the essential reason was that I always understood the connection of rock to blues. There were all kinds of other ancillary reasons, though, and one very important one is that nobody is rocking like they used to. (As I told Matt: "Misty Mountain Hop" is an enduring political statement, and "it comes from a time when rock music had important things to say." We're now living in The Endarkenment. Look around you, listen, and think about that.)

Rock isn't dead. You just have to go back and dig it up.

I'm tellin' ya.

(Billy -- lookin' in from Tokyo)

"And Franky Goes to Hollywood covered Born to Run"

Yes, they did- and it kicked ass. Unlike Springsteen's version, it had meter and energy instead of constipated unintelligible Bruce. (By the way, it's "Frankie".)

i, for one, see nothing wrong with fred hookin up with halle. heck, with her driving, she might be able to rid the world of both of them in one fell swoop.


On the other hand, ASH's version of Free Bird was really bad. Of course, every version of that song is really bad.

That episode was lousy, though.

Don't knock the Boss, Kevin. I went to his DC show last month. 3½ hours of joy.

that song took on an entirely different meaning to me when i heard Skrewdriver cover it. If anyone destroyed a song, it was those guys, and not even Fred Durst could out-fuck-it-up it.

oh yeah- i'm here to spread the gospel of Gordie Johnson, too. Rock fled its country of origin and took up residence in a band in Canada called Big Sugar. I suggest everyone buy an album by this band. And then lament that this year, they are breaking up.

You all need to shut up!!! Please teenagers singing this song as if it is the most meaningful song in the world should be a great thing! At least they have heard the song!! Maybe they haven't heard of The Who, I do! Some of us still listen to older music! Don't be an ass just because we took a great song from your days and turned it into something more appropriate for today's generation. Be happy we get the chance to experience the deepness of such a wonderous song! I was in the car with my dad(47) and we were listening to "that whining, self-pitying, no-talent excuse for a man" and my dad was singing along to it. I asked about the song and he explained to me that it was a remake of Behind Blue Eyes by The Who. He said nothing negative about the remake but only it was a great song. Be happy that such songs are able to be shared among the generations and not burried. Can't people be happy about things anymore! Think positive or try and get the corn cob out of your sorry ass!

Billy Beck is right!!! I am just a teenager myself but i do know that rock had more meaning then rather than know and fred is just trying to bring it back! If you feel what i have said is wrong E-Mail me!Please i would like to talk.


Thanks Lane, you just about summed up exactly what I was thinking while reading through these posts. Haha, I had just about the same experience with my dad (he's 53) in the car, he was singing along and told me about the song.

Of course no remake is ever going to live up to the original; the original will always reign supreme, but at least the new version can open up the song to a different crowd.

I think it says somethign about the state of the music industry when everyones favorite song is a song that was written over 30 years ago.

I have to admit this is the first time I have visited one of these sites. I heard this remake late one night driving home and thought, cool- I forgot all about this song and how great it was. It made me pull out my old albums to see what else I had been missing all these years. I searched on the remake because I like hearing classics performed in a different style. I never realized there were so many protective rock music lovers out there that believe not just in preserving music classics but in "retiring the number". I believe it says something about the song when it can jump generations and still have a great affect on its audience.

I loved Fred Durst's remake of 'Behind Blue Eyes'. And yes, I kno who The Who are. All my friends loved the song too... though, i didn't care for 'Faith'.

Hey, wait just one minute(the first person to post on this) rock is NOT dead, so do not say that. thank you very freakin' much

Rock is dead they say... I say long live rock!