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it's my blog and i'll write what i want to

Not for nothing, but am not obligated to cover what you want me to. So you can stop emailing and asking where my posts are about Karl Rove and the CIA and the rest of the Limbaugh story and whatever else you think I owe you a story on.

Fact is, I'm not in the mood today. I don't want to discuss Rush's pill problem or North Korea or quagmires or anything that might be on the front page of CNN. And until you pay me every day what you pay to buy a newspaper or magazine, then save your letters to the editor regarding the news coverage for those media outlets.

I direct you now to last night's Halloween post. There's your chance to participate in the blog making progress. It only happens when I let you do it, so take advantage. And stop pestering me about the California race. I don't care. At least not today, I don't.

[And I swear I had no idea until three seconds ago that Pejman wrote about this very thing and titled his post the same exact thing. Though I do like Pejman's idea about charging certain fees for certain stories]

UPDATE: Speaking of being in a pissy mood, I will kindly thank anyone who wants to call in any further bomb scares to my office building to do so at a later time in the afternoon so it would make sense to just get in my car and go home instead of having to hang around the parking lot for half an hour. Ten a.m. is just an inconvenient time for a bomb scare, ok?


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hard day, huh? sorry...

Nice to see I'm not the only one letting "the world" make them pissy!

I love your site for the diversion it is from all that crap!

You tell 'em.. You only have to write about what I want you to write about..

I mean what you want to write about.

I usually get my paper online for free so I be more then happy to pass on same

damn...I was gonna ask you to write a story about yams. Or are they sweet potatos? What's the difference? And boy do they make yummy fries, but why doesn't McDonalds use them? I blame the French. Bastards.

re: bomb scares. We had one in our building last Friday. Same thing - 11:30am is just not convenient! Later in the day, please!

Re: bomb scares. We had one in our building last Friday. Please, if you're going to call in a bomb scare on a Friday, do it later in the day - 11:30am is not convenient!

Just remember, despite all these idiots, it's the best month of the year. It's Playoff Baseball Month. Nothing else can dent my month.

Next time, I'll call it in at 3PM. Would that be more convenient?


Dean, that would conflict with my bomb threat. But I could move mine back to 3:30 if that works better for you.

Get off the rag. Any blog is not a blog if the author can not write what she or he wants to write. Personally, I’m still looking at your “what I want” list, and I haven’t decided how much you’re worth---monetarily.


I wrote about this same thing. Although from a different perspective.