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it must be october


that's for all those who gloated over the yanks' loss to the twins


Touche. We'll see what happens this afternoon; obviously the Sox and Yanks are both facing must-win games, although I think the Yankees are in (slightly) more trouble than the Sox, since they've got to go to Minnesota for their next two, while the Sox get to go home. But after last night's heartbreaker, it will be interesting to see how this year's version of the comeback kids reacts.

Preliminary sideshows...

Besides, given the title of your site, you ought to understand than fans are going to take what they can get, when they can get it.

As a lifelong A's fan and Yankee hater.....

I take that back. That should have been..
"As a lifelong A's fan and hater of the Yankees since 1981..."

yup preliminary sideshow, the real show will be Minnesota-Oakland.

Everyone was saying Oakland-Boston would be close. Nobody said that about NY-Minnesota.