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rush limbaugh is a big fat

drug dealer abuser?


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» Rushing to judgement from Swanky Conservative
This is from ESPN's website: Before McNabb led the Philadelphia Eagles to a 23-13 victory over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, Limbaugh said during ESPN's pregame show that he didn't think McNabb was as good as perceived from the start.... [Read More]


Yup. The National Enquirer says so!

That was stupid. He had to know what was going to happen. Dumb dumb dumb.

I think the media missed the point Rush was making. He was criticizing them, not black athletes. Maybe they didn't miss the point and they're just thin-skinned?

I think it's clear the media is missing the point on purpose. CNN's radio news has been "quoting" Rush saying something completely different than what he actually said.

Par for the course, really.

Media Assasination

What Liberal media?

Oh goodie, we've got the Enquirer and Drudge on the story. Now if DEBKA picks it up we'll know it's true =)

Anybody remember the guy who got fired for saying 'niggardly'?

He's resigned from ESPN...

Glad that's one place less I have to see his fat ugly mug. I remember Him saying once how appalled he was that American women found Osama Bin Laden attractive. He is an idiot.

I didn't find Osama attractive back then, either, but now that he's thousands or millions of dry spots on a cave wall in Tora Bora....

Why was that an idiot remark to make?

All and all OT but wtf is amishboy talking about with the Plame was cheating ref?Spinorific!!!!

I am surprised A Small Victory has jumped on The National Enquirer's bandwagon. Are you so anxious for blood that you would demean your site with the likes of this tabloid trash?

You may not care for Rush and this is fine but, come on, The National Enquirer?

Cheap shot!

Notice the question mark at the end of the my statement. I never said I thought the story was true. I thought the mentioning of the story on Drudge was a story in and of itself.

I never made a single commentary on the subject, yet you all assume that I believe it to be true.

You're calling these comments hysterical? Visit the Dem Underground any day of the week and you'll find far less mature responses to (pick a topic).
As far as Rush Limbaugh is concerned, I'm disappointed by his course of action - he should never have resigned, if he believes so strongly in sticking up for your convictions. I guess the only explanation is that he believes he's wrong.
This is the same convoluted world that lets Dusty Baker off with a freebie when he suggests that Hispanics are better baseball players because they have dark skin and can tolerate the sun. Compare that to Rush, whose target was the media.
I think it's sad that people who haven't listened to Rush for more than a five-minute blurb call him a blowhard.

Pietro, I was referring to emails as well. Maybe I'll print a few today.

I listen to Rush for entertainment purposes - he's not very enlightening about much but himself, and that isn't very interesting either.

This was a hopelessly ridiculous thing for Rush to say, especially when you consider his admitted brilliance. One quick look at the stats put up by McNabb, Vick, Culpeper and McNair over the last few years makes that plain as day. Also, 3 of those 4 (Vick is the exception, but he won't be for long) have taken their teams to the playoffs multiple times. McNair took the Titans to within 1 yard of winning the Super Bowl a few years back and McNabb has been in the NFC championship game with the Eagles two years in a row. There's no need to overstate those credentials. Are they athletic? Sure. Are they smart? They have to be - QB is not a position for dummies. Believe me, I've seen an NFL playbook or 2, and I can bet that many a PhD would be challenged by some of the stuff in there.

But this is all the more reason the statement is ridiculous. These are facts that have been well established over the last 5-10 years, and his statement reveals how little he knows (or cares) about the game. He resigns from ESPN - big deal. Why was he there in the first place. It's too bad that anyone else in the studio didn't jump down his throat right then and there.

With all of that said, I still believe that more than a few people want to see Rush publically tarred and feathered, in the hope that he'll lose everything and go away. Far too many on the left (and right) take this guy much too seriously for their own good, and I think many have been waiting a long time for him to do something like this. They will be ruthless in trying to bring him down.



I'd buy all this negative publicity if Rush hadn't already talked very positively about Vick, and negatively about white guys like Tom Brady.
And no, McNabb is not the second coming of Randall Cunningham - THAT'S what Rush was alluding to.

Rush is a drug addict and is going to be exposed for the hippocrite he has always been.

It is not speculation or rumor. There is proof. They have recordings of him buying Oxycontin illegally. Rush is so screwed, he has already hired gasp liberal attorney Roy Black because he needs a good lawyer.

It's official - Rush Limbaugh and Robert Novak fans are idiots and always have been; ergo the state of the Union. Senseless defense of these clowns only measures the colossal lunacy of American Right.

(Originally posted on FreeRepublic, yet it was immediately revoked...) :(

I tried (lot's) of pain killers once, but I did not swallow -- Rush Limbaugh?

Posted on 10/04/2003 4:43 PM PDT by Thomas J.

I've just awoken from my Libertarian grave in order to celebrate the great news! -- the seemingly unlikely, yet certainly hypocritical reality that we all now know as Rush Limbaugh's conservative world. My, my, what on earth shall he do? Perhaps he will borrow a play from Mr. Clinton's playbook simply suggesting he Did Not Swallow. Or, he could feasibly go a step further by merely claiming that he Never Had Contact With That Woman in the first place. However, I would prefer that he simply exclaim to the masses, Oh Lord, I Have Sinned and pull a disappearing act much like the last individual who spake these words on national TV. Furthermore, we can only hope that the self-rightous Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell soon follow Rush's lead. Nonetheless, if he refuses to disappear voluntarily, maybe the minimum sentencing laws relating to the "War on Drugs" that Rush so strongly supports will take care of his "Dope-[using], maggot-infested, FM-type" self for us once and for all. Nothing like shining a glaring spotlight into the dark recesses of hypocrisy. Dit-to indeed!

I am sure the last thing you need is another opinion on Rush Limbaugh.

But for what it's worth, I'm seriously worried about the effect this might have on our freedom.

"I've just awoken from my Libertarian grave in order to celebrate the great news! -- the seemingly unlikely, yet certainly hypocritical reality that we all now know as Rush Limbaugh's conservative world. "

You know, a true libertarian would bemoan the unfortunate drug war that forces people in pain to get drugs from the black market, rather than revelling in the troubles of someone else.

Rush certainly has a way about him that brings out truly ugly, embarrassing behavior in those who don't share his views.

Rush Limpbaugh For President!! Of his rehab class. I don't feel sorry for him at all.