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he's back

That's what you get for making fun of my orange sippee cups that were up here this morning.

But still, does this background make me look fat?


Look at da widdle William Shatner mask! I'm a Halloween fan from way back. First two only, please, not that H20 dreck.

And Jamie Lee Curtis is still the epitome of hotness.

Just to clear up the confusion that ensued the last time I had this background up - that is a picture of some strange, unknown man in my neighborhood who walked the streets last Halloween, stalking grown ups (never kids) and just staring eerily at people. No one knew who he was.

Then his costume worked perfectly because you alll are still bothered by it...lol It's probably like nice old 80 year old neighbor just messin with ya...lol

Regardless, it makes a helluva October background. I was disappointed last time when you only had it up for a little while...

I vote for keeping the color scheme even after you change the picture.

OT, but, as you noted earlier, it is October


Touch up.



Where is that damn make-up artist?

It's Chris Matthews of Hardball fame!

Fat? No. Big-boned? Ummmm...


Noooooooooooooooo! Not him.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Random Dave Barry answer:

Compared to what?

Not fat. Festively plump.

I love the new background. It immediately creeped me out in a nostalgic sort of way, like when I first saw Halloween. Love it.

it gives me nightmares. Bring back the robot!