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so much news, so little time

I've got an A list of stories to blog about today. Ok, maybe B list. Or C. Let's just say I have a lot on my mind today.

Of course, getting to work on time takes precedent over everything.

Meanwhile, you have the Carnival of the Vanities to peruse, as well as some boobies.

Hey....Carnival of Boobies, anyone?

Don't forget Frank the Monkey's worthy project, Frontline Voices.

Ok, To Do list for today: More Mepham coverage, the Plame thing, 9/11 anger management, Halloween stuff, political correctness gone awry, and trying to figure out why Mark Morford hasn't written about Bush since three columns ago.

Does this background make me look fat?


It took me a minute to register that the background are drink containers and other mundane plastic objects, and not an interesting collection of mulitcolored sex toys. I'm presuming that this pink thing with the jack-o-lantern face on it is a water gun, not a smiling dildo.

Pink? They are orange! And they are sippie cups for kids for Halloween.

Sheesh, I think I should bring the Michael Meyers guy back.

Carnival of Boobies? That would be any gathering of politicians...