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Everyone loves boobies and everyone loves charities. Combine those two things together and what do you get? Something where everyone wins!

Robyn has embarked upon her second year producing a Boobies for Charity Boobiethon.

That's a fun word to type. Boobies.

Last year, the Boobiethon raised $1250 for breast cancer research.

This year, the first $359 raised will go into a blogger's purse. Several people voted on suggested charities and the purse this year will go to Run For Their Lives - PAWS Chicago 8K. All additional proceeds will go towards the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

You can participate by making a donation and showing off your boobies. Yes, you get to look at boobies while the 'thon is running. Blogger boobies, in fact. It's the least we can do for the philanthropists who donate to the cause.

Did I say we? Yes, I did. My boobies will appear there at some point. Anything for charity, I say.

Head over to the official Boobiethon site to get all the info you need, plus pretty buttons to use to link to the cause.

The action starts tomorrow, so get those boobs (guys welcome, too!) and the wallet ready.


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But my boobies aren't that big! Well, bigger than..oh, no names...sorry...

Boobs don't have to be big to get breast cancer, so go ahead... I'm thinking abou tit too!

Big 'n' small -- save 'em all! Thanks for the linkage, babe!

Tit for tat?

Heh, beyond the boobies, I'm not really sure what it's really about. It seems a bit like streaking for charity. Except there's no physical excertion at all. And you're inside. And you most of your clothes on. But besides that, it's like streaking.

For charity.

It's about saving boobies with boobies ErikZ -- do you really need to question that? :-)

This is a good thing you are doing.

For charity, I mean.

I'll check with the wife and see if I can't get hers in there.....

So are man boobs out?

Absolutely not out dave -- a few photo guidelines are here. Send 'em in!

doubtful that anyone would want to see boobies with biopsy scars (like mine)... but then again... a not so gentle reminder, perhaps?

I would be honored to use your photo -- and with your permission, would note exactly what the scars were for under the image. You're the very reason we're all doing this, and no one should forget that fact!

Ahem...still waiting for someone's around here...