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toys for iraq update

I've been working hard - along with several other people who are working harder - to get a site up and running for the Chief Wiggles Toys for Iraq project. It's going to be huge. The support has been astounding.

As Dean says:

The non-profit corporation is up and we have our tax ID. We have the beginning page up and in place, and a domain registered and ready to go.

We think we have a hosting service, and may have our first sponsor.

We're hoping to open early next week.

Stay tuned.


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let's send them a whole slew of gi joes.


they already have those.

we better stick with burka barbie.

Aren't you funny. Not.

you are so cool, michele!

No posts on the yankees since game over...hmm

I'm the Humantarian Leader in our church and we are starting to collect toys for Iraq. Any information of where to send them or take them would be useful.

Thanks, Jan