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idiot of the day, part two

Mepham coach apologizes.

Ok, I can't really figure out how this is an apology. Seems more like a "pass the buck" speech to me.

"I would apologize and say I'm sorry we couldn't take care of your son, but we did everything in our power to do so," Kevin McElroy said in a news conference, when asked what he would say to the victims' families

McElroy said he was disappointed that the accused players or the other members of the team did not immediately come forward. "They were responsible for reporting it to the coaching staff at least and do what was right, but instead they chose to do the wrong thing."

[His attorney] stressed that the older boys' families should be held accountable for the alleged actions of their sons. "The conduct of these students is not the product of anything they learned from the coaches," he said. "I think you should look to the parents to explain such vicious criminal acts by these young men."

In the official statement, he said:

We are confident when all voices are heard that the authorities will be empowered to make the proper judgements. As parents/educators, there is nothing more important than the well being of the boys who were victimized.

I'm glad his attorney was able to draft such a resounding apology for him. I'm sure the victims and their parents are rushing to the school to forgive him right now.

He owes the entire community an apology for the way he and his staff and his team behaved after the incident. And don't give me that crap about the kids not getting it from him. Sure, the parents are to blame as I've been saying all along, but I hardly think this coach is a paragon of virtue in the locker room and on the field.


"A chief is a man who takes responsibility. He does not say 'my men were defeated;' he says 'I was defeated."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

You hit the nail on the head, Michele.
That "apology" was written entirely by a lawyer. You couldn't find a single drop of sincerity in it with a high-power microscope.

Total weasel wimp out!Coach got no nads!

Personally, I don't see how the entire coaching staff remains employed. Unless the administrators and school board are waiting to see how this pans out before taking further action, it seems to me that this is a cut-and-dried case of the coaching staff failing in their responsibilities to care for the safety and well-being of the kids entrusted to them.

Firing the coaches, at least in my opinion, doesn't solve any problems. They need to be reprimanded, yes, but they weren't the ones with the broomsticks and golf balls.

At most they failed to supervise, but I don't know nearly enough about the situation to say whether they even had that responsibility. Firing the coaches because they're not psychic doesn't help any situation, so unless I've missed something, I don't see the point except to fulfill a desire to see heads roll.

Even if they did have a responsibility to supervise the kids at this outing and failed to, that does not automatically equal sodomy and assuming that it does means that you think the kids are incapable of knowing right from wrong and acting on it. Everyone should be held accountable for what they were RESPONSIBLE for, not for the worst act committed.

Pete,Michele posted the report from the neighbors who heard such awful screaming coming from the camp that they called the police.The police went,talked to the coaches who told them something that satisfied them enough to leave."?".It would seem right off of the bat that the coaches were a bit derelict in their duties.at the very least.

"The conduct of these students is not the product of anything they learned from the coaches," he said.

The students didn't only learn it from the coaches; it's something they've picked up from the entire community, and now it's being reinforced by everyone's inexcusable support for these guys. But there's no doubt in my mind that this guy is very very guilty.

This coach really doesn't need to apologize for what the students did themselves. He's got plenty on his own part to apologize for.

Nothing more important than the well-being of the boys who were victimized? Boy, does that ring hollow.

When I grew up, these people were called 'chaperones' in addition to whatever their real function was. Meathead Coach and his (ass)istants failed on at least that part of their responsibilities.

I agree, it's a crime all by itself that these people still have jobs.

Once again, I see the concern for the real victims fading away.

Then we have a Mepham football alumnus taking a baseball bat to the current QB of a rival school. Here we getting to the level of Tonya Harding. And who were that guy's coaches?

But at least the coach is sorry. Terrific.