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media manipulation in iraq

This will teach you to trust all the dreadful news coming out of Iraq.

[Transcript provided by Alan E. Brain.]

Australian reporter Gina Wilkinson, in this video shown on tv:

The missiles are filled with volatile rocket fuel and two hundred kilograms of high explosives. Locals fear their children could be injured or their homes destroyed by these deadly weapons.

The video shows two children playing near missiles as if they were part of a playground.

If you saw that video on the news, you would be saying things like "these soldiers don't care about the Iraqi children! Look at those kids, playing on missile launchers. Why doesn't anyone keep them away?"

Ah, but let's look at the uncut, unedited version of this videotape:

(trans)- You want to show the children on there?
Gina Wilkinson: Yeah, that would be good. Yeah, if they don't mind.
- (trans) You want them to stand over there to be filmed?- (trans) Come on sweetie. What's her name?- Noona
- (trans) I'm worried about them.- Sit. Sit on this.
- (trans) I'm worried about them.
- (trans) Sit on the edge.
Gina Wilkinson: Please God, don't let this thing explode now.

Here's the video.

[Read the entire transcript and the half-hearted clarification of the events here]

I wonder how much of the other dreadful news coming out of Iraq is staged or scripted. And this bit of deception leads one to wonder: how much of the good news is not recorded if they are spending so much time staging bad news?


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Shock Horror! The media manipulates news events! I never thought such a thing could happen!

Seriously, media organizations (and media bosses) have been manipulating news stories for as long has there has been media.

That is why to get a truly balanced view of world events, one really has to look at a variety of news sources - those that are biased to the left, those that are biased to the right, US based and international. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle of them

Hey, maybe NOTHING bad is happening in Iraq! Maybe everything is going perfectly 100% ginchy, and the press is making all the bad stuff up!!!!

Who will get to the bottom of this moonbat fakery?!?

journalists have been staging 'news' since mathew brady arranged bodies while photographing the civil war. and as a photographer...i never, ever believe what i see. i don't care what side it comes from.

It is shocking (SHOCKING!) to see the press sensationalizing the news. Everyone knows why they do it, to get better ratings.

We need to get some kind of BS rating for news organizations, so we know who's high on the BS scale and who is lower.

I personally think FoxNews is probably lowest on the BS factor, but even they (SHOCK!) skew it the way they want too.

What to do? Watch no news? I think not. Everyone must listen to all of the news and decide for themselves. Most people (OK, maybe around 58% or so) have enough common sense to read through the BS.

The other 42% or so are lost souls (registered Democrats).

Personally, I think this is typical, ESPECIALLY of the left.


They refuse to report on anything positive because of either believing that badnews sells or they are hankering for a pulitzer.

Was this "staged"?

As long as our troops keep dying, the right's claims that things really are hunky-dory ring hollow.

Nobody says things are hunky dory, Thayli. Oversimplification does not mean everyone is lying but you.

Nobody says things are hunky dory, Thayli.

The point of this post was "the bad news is fake". Well, heck, if the bad news is fake and the good news is real, where does that leave you?

The point of this post is that the media is not always reliable in their reports.


It leaves you beating up a strawman. What is being pointed out is that the media has been faking some of the stories to increase the hype that we're in some horrifying quagmire, dogs and cats are living together, etc. Not "everything is hunky-dory" in other words.

But do keep waving the bloody shirt, if you wish.

First the New York Times, now ABC News. Sheeesh.

Yes, damn those lying lefties. Lefties, lefties, lefties, everywhere, making up stuff to trick us all.

Yesterday's Daily Howler tells us of a certain unnamed presidential administration which conducted a poll of Iraqi citizens and is going to town with the "glowing" results:

"In today’s Post, Walter Pincus reports that, for roughly the ten millionth time, the Bush Admin was faking and dissembling, this time in its treatment of those polls. According to Pincus, the Admin was cherry-picking (and inventing) data that misrepresented what the polls really said."

Hell, I don't think the point of this story is hype, but that a journalist doesn't seem to care that she's putting other people in =immediate= danger to make a story. This isn't a theoretical "bad news brings in more guerrilla fighters" situation, but a "people could get blown up because we wanted to set up the story this way".

That's true - if I was the mother of those kids, I'd smack that reporter upside the head. What she did was outrageously stupid.

Just another media humanitarian, searching for the 'truth'..

Some of you need to talk to the troops who are over there. The media isn't. They only want to hear bodycounts of US Soldiers and whining about going home. Am I the only one seeing this or did I stumble upon DU?

It is like the old adage about teaching a pig to sing...you cannot tell a leftist anything other than what fits their world and political view.


Two theories; one's fun to believe and the other is all too typically disheartening.

1) ABC News, being a not-so-secret front for the ultra-powerful Moonbat cabal, fakes a story in order to undermine the huge success story that is Iraq. Also, they hate Bush.

2) Idiot reporter for ABC news, one eye on the anchor desk and the other on a Pulitzer, fakes a story for the two reasons she's in business: ratings and money.

Guess which is which. Yes, it's more fun to believe that Comrade Peter Jennings is out to destroy the Most Holy Bush Administration in the interest of electing a Marxist dictator like Wes Clark, but evidence (and common sense) says otherwise.

There is no bias in the media.(sarcasm)

Umm, you are aware, of course that the 'ABC' referred to in this is the Australian Broacasting Company and not the American Broadcasting ompamy?

Now I am!

I tend to read the blogs of people, Iraqi citizens (like Salam and Riverbend) and U.S. soldiers, who are there and know what's going on. Then you can compare them to the different news stories and see the real picture. But, yes too much of the public is gullible and believe everything they read and see on the news. The media is a great way to manipulate the masses.

Gee, who would have guessed the news was staging stuff for broadcast back home?

I'm just guessing if they presented just the facts without any staging, we'd pay attention anyway. The media's quest to out do each other for the most macabre stories has gotten out of hand. Imagine the ratings boost if two kids and a stupid reporter and her crew were blown up.


Typical of you stupid Americans: so ignorant of the rest of the world you don't even realize there is another network called ABC. How can you guys claim to understand world events if you can't even read a transcript properly?

Yeah! Damn straight, stupid Americans. It was OUR selfish, money hungry network not YOURS! Ours all ours...
It is a good point that you all assumed it was your network because of your "centre of the Universe" complex. But the confusion also proves that this manipulation of the media doesn't just exist in your country, but everywhere else in the world as well.
I think this, not the ego complex, is the most worrying sign.