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Novak-Gate: Q & A

Q: What sound does a scandal make as it loses steam?



Another artificial scandal bites the dust.

So, everyone is lying but Bob Novak, right?

from MSNBC tonight:


CIA lawyers sent the Justice Department an informal notice of the alleged leak in July, two senior officials told NBC News on Monday.

Although that letter, which was not signed by CIA Director George Tenet, was not a formal request for an investigation, the Justice Department could have opened one at that point, lawyers said. It remained unclear whether it did so.

CIA lawyers followed up the notification this month by answering 11 questions from the Justice Department, affirming that Plame’s identity was classified, that whoever released it was not authorized to do so and that the news media would not have been able to guess her identity without the leak, the senior officials said.

The CIA response to the questions, which is itself classified, said there were grounds for a criminal investigation, the sources said."

The part about the media not finding out about Plume's identity is flat-out wrong. The Middle East Institute's bio (http://www.mideasti.org/html/bio-wilson.html) on Wilson mentions his wife, Valerie Plame, by name. Her job at the CIA may have been classified but her identity wasn't secret.

So, everyone is lying but Bob Novak, right?

Looks that way.

Her identity was secret? Is she a super hero? She didn't live with her husband? There was no marriage certificate?

I suspect the referral is partly buck-passing and partly just getting it to the people who really have the responsibility for these matters.

The secret part wasn't that she was married to him, that is public. The secret was that she worked for the CIA.

Agents don't pretend not to exist, they pretend to do something else for a living (like import quilts).

And tell lies.

She was publicly known as his wife. Her maiden name was in at least three of his on-line bios. The CIA confirmed to Novak that she worked for him.

The issue is whether or not she falls under the criteria cited in Michele's link. The fact that the CIA asked for an investigation suggests that they think so, but they could also be incorrect. She could be improperly classified, quite easily. An analyst would not normally fall under the law involved, and would in fact work for an entirely different branch of the CIA tha a case officer.

And, oddly, no one has written just what she was supposed to be doing, as the wife of a public official. If there was a cover story, what was it?

Laugh while you can, monkey boy.

This is key:

"She was publicly known as his wife. Her maiden name was in at least three of his on-line bios. The CIA confirmed to Novak that she worked for them."

If anyone is to be investigated, it is the CIA stooge that confirmed her employment for Novak. Not Bush, not Rove, not some other White House staffer, but the CIA itself.

It's still early in the process but it's starting to look like the Bush haters, desperate for a scandle have unlimbered their guns, found nothing to shoot at and tried shoving the gun under the waistband with the index finger still on the trigger.
The operative distinction is wether Plame is (was) in the Operations Directorate or the other side of the shop, the Intelligence Directorate. The Analysts in the Intel shop don't advertise their employment but that's for convenience, not security.
We'll see how it plays out but I'll be real surprised if the Dems haven't shot themselves in the willie yet again.

Is the Plame/Wilson source a whistleblower - protected by federal law?

Think about the substance underlying the Plame/Wilson story.

Did Plame hire Wilson to go to Africa based on their relationship? Was this nepotism? Was this a violation of contracting rules or other CIA rules or laws?

If so, whoever told the press about such nepotism and/or other violation is a whistleblower, and is protected by federal law.

She is a contractor. Nothing more. She is the one who recommended her husband for the African fact finding trip. Funny thing now is that the left thinks they have a smoking gun and will not let it drop even after Novak restated that NO ONE in the White House leaked any information to him.

Why are leftists so predictable?

Why are leftists so predictable?

An excellent straight line, but too easy. Way too easy.

George Tenet must not read this blog, because he's the one who triggered the investigation. As head of the CIA, he might just know all about what kind of operative Plame is, but as I said, he doesn't read this blog.

What sound does a dodgy administration make when a scandal DOESN'T lose steam? Stay tuned.

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