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Novak speaks

'Nobody in the Bush administration called me to leak this. In July I was interviewing a senior administration official on Ambassador Wilson's report when he told me the trip was inspired by his wife, a CIA employee working on weapons of mass destruction. Another senior official told me the same thing. As a professional journalist with 46 years experience in Washington I do not reveal confidential sources. When I called the CIA in July to confirm Mrs. Wilson's involvement in the mission for her husband -- he is a former Clinton administration official -- they asked me not to use her name, but never indicated it would endanger her or anybody else. According to a confidential source at the CIA, Mrs. Wilson was an analyst, not a spy, not a covert operator, and not in charge of undercover operatives'... [via Drudge]

An aside: The main reason I posted my feelings about this case (here) is because I knew I would get feedback. I've discovered that you learn a lot more from bloggers and blog readers than you do from the media. Sometimes I write because I know something, sometimes I write because I want to know something.


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"I've discovered that you learn a lot more from bloggers and blog readers than you do from the media."

Indeed. Even discounting media bias, reading blogs gives me more details about more things than any one newspaper. And far more background. A newspaper will give me a quote from Teddy spit K, but only from blogs and Google do I get to contrast it with what he said this time last year.

Well, shark season is over, Isabel's off her axis, medias' been found complicit in no good news in Iraq, Clark's imploding, so what else is there to talk about???

Does anyone else find this matter a bit odd?

So, the fact that she was a civilian analyst for the CIA was revealed?

What's all the hoo-hoo 'bout?

Pejman's got some stuff up about this.

So, are the CIA lawyers lying too?

From MSNBC tonight:


CIA lawyers sent the Justice Department an informal notice of the alleged leak in July, two senior officials told NBC News on Monday.

Although that letter, which was not signed by CIA Director George Tenet, was not a formal request for an investigation, the Justice Department could have opened one at that point, lawyers said. It remained unclear whether it did so.

CIA lawyers followed up the notification this month by answering 11 questions from the Justice Department, affirming that Plame’s identity was classified, that whoever released it was not authorized to do so and that the news media would not have been able to guess her identity without the leak, the senior officials said.

The CIA response to the questions, which is itself classified, said there were grounds for a criminal investigation, the sources said."

Yes, idiot, there's "grounds for investigation". No one's said there isn't. But it sure doesn't sound like the major scandal it was initially played up to be.

CIA lawyers are paid to lie.

So are politicians, Alfredo.

What do you mean, Lambchop? Politicians lie for free! And so do their minions!

Speaking of leaks, what ever became of that post with Tucker Carlson's home phone number? I guess since it's not on this blog anymore his children were never really terrorized, right?

Give it a rest, Stan. No one terrorized his children. He had his voice mail on. His children never heard the messages from the assholes that called and left idiotic remarks.

Do you really think my posting the number here made any difference? Fox News posted it. They have millions of readers. Go over there and ask them for an apology and leave me alone.

A troll a troll!