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here's to me, mrs. robinson

Once again, I was way ahead of a trend.


i have no problems with this in the short-medium term, but a question: isn't a fairly extreme age difference weird when one person (of either sex) is 80 and one is 60? i mean, we're talking harrison ford and jessica tandy here. that's not strange? 40 and 60? david duchovny and ann-margret? same thing the other way. jack lemmon with sigourney weaver?

not like it should matter one bit when you're younger, of course. just seems like it would get a little strange as you age.

Along a similar but different vein, a workmate and I were just discussing that the show that comes on after CSI on Thursday, Without a Trace, used the term "MILF" multiple times with giving the definition.

My lovely wife is 7 years older than I. Works well, at least in these first eight years of marriage.

Journalists are so funny.

"a third of women are dating younger men"
"66% of men are dating younger women"

Nothing gets by a good journo.

Only problem with seeking out the younger guys would be if they want babies. Sorry pal, I burned those bridges. If you want kids, you can adopt mine.

I used to think 7 years was too big a difference... but now I'm rethinking that :)

wha, is it the whole "fake boobs" thing?

ohhhhhhhh, the may-december romance thing. or whatever that's called. cept demi's got asston kutcher, whereas you have the lead singer for Stain'd.

Double standard at work here...?

Doesn't "society" in general hold that:

When a 60 y/o man "hooks up" with a 25 y/o beauty, he's derided (usually) as a pig, looking only for a "trophy," or simply sex.

If a 60 y/o woman "hooks up" with a 25 y/o man, it's considered some sort of "hoo-yeah - you go, girl!"

I, of course, find nothing wrong with either scenario -- just wondering if there is, in fact, a double-standard in the aggregate. Your thoughts?


You and my wife have something in common then. Smart women the both of you.

Double standard at work here...?

More like a quadruple standard. By and large, men approve and admire a guy who gets a younger woman (except her father, especially if he's younger than his new son-in-law, but that's another story). But men don't much admire a young guy who winds up with an older woman. I don't think guys give much thought to how it is for the woman.

And I think by and large women are the same way about a woman who gets a younger man vs. an older one.