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ironic news of the day

Justin Timberlake wins black music award.

Quick, someone call Eminem's agent. I bet he's pissed.

When you're done pondering just what that says about the state of R&B, go over and stare at Kelley's large sac. Damn thing just keeps growing. I may make fun of Kelley's sac every week but I am serious when I say to go check it out. It's the Reader's Digest version of what's gone on in the blogosphere the past week. People don't submit these things; Kelley does all the footwork herself.


That is sad.

Some years back, Hall and Oates won an award for "black music" - I forget the actual name of the awards, something involving "R&B" or "Soul", I think. A number of people were very upset about it ("It's our music") including Dionne Warwick, which disappointed me greatly.

Not that I think a whole hell of a lot about Hall and Oates, but Justin Timberlake? That's just sad.

First Bill C*****n was "the first black President." Now this.

If Michael Jackson gets a black music award, that'll be the last straw, I'm sure.

'Sokay, McGeehee. MJ is disqualified from "black music" on both points.

In my opinion, so was Timberlake...

Well...can't say as I disagree.

My Sacs are yours to poke. Fun at, poke fun at. 'Scuse me. I'm really way to old to be smoking this stuff...:D

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