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i dream of blogging and other unnatural disasters

The horrifying part of the dream was not that we were under attack; I dream that often. It wasn't even the way the attackers were marching down the street in formation, guns pointed, the desire to kill in their eyes.

It wasn't even the way we had to board up our houses to protect ourselves against these terrorists, or that I couldn't get to my kids, who were in the boarded up house next door without any adults to comfort them.

It wasn't the helicopters and warplanes zooming overhead, showering the street with fire and brimstone, nor was it the realization that we were all very close to dying in a most gruesome way.

The horrifying part was this: my insane obsession with blogging the whole thing.

As the streets ran with liquid fire and as my neighbors went down in a hail of poisoned bullets, I darted from house to house, looking for a way into any of them so I could get to a computer and blog what was happening in my town. I snapped pictures of enemy soldiers walking towards me with futurized weapons pointed at me. I hid in a garden, laying on my back with my camera pointed upwards, taking panoramic shots of the underbellies of huge flying machines that poured molten lava on top of my parents' home.

I went from house to house, trying to find a computer whose modem wasn't already down. I had to blog this. I had to post those pictures.

I emailed Glenn Reynolds to tell him what was going on. I emailed Ken Layne and even Hesiod and then I emailed Strongbad. I told them they needed to post my blog entry for me. I was obsessed.

And then, the sky fell and with it fell Arafat and Wesley Clark and they were holding hands and praying. They fell in the river of molten lava that my street had become and swam as if they were in a pleasant lakeside retreat. They each had a tropical drink floating on a tray next to them.

As the world around me burned and crumbled and the screams of my dying neighbors and crying children surrounded me, all I could think of was the hits I would get from blogging a first hand account of this disaster.

And then I threw up on a rose bush. I saw the face of Hilary Clinton in my blood-tinged vomit and I woke up, sweating, panicky and digusted with myself.


Michele, I think you need a break. :)

Serious PMS dream. You're on the Hormone Highway.

The force is strong in this one.

Or, Allison is right. Sounds like you need a trip to Vegas, without your computer.

Someone take blogging too serious? Hello is this thing on?

Whoa Michele. Hundreds of acid trips in the late 60s early 70s never yielded anything like that. Yikes.

Take blogging too seriously?

Okay, now you're making no sense whatsoever.

Lay off the tequila shooters, girl.

When horrific nightmares are filled with that much imagination, irony and self-awareness - it must be a sign of good mental health.

And then I threw up on a rose bush. I saw the face of Hilary Clinton in my blood-tinged vomit and I woke up, sweating, panicky and digusted with myself.

Don't feel disgusted with yourself, Michele. If I had Hill's face in my dream I'd be sweaty and panicky too.

Ok, water nearly came out my nose when I read you emailed .....Strongbad! Now THAT is quality entertainment.

You need serious drugs and a 3 month vacation (but not from blogging, please ;).



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