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and another one gone, and another one gone (updated)

This is getting ridiculous. Everyone with a SAG card should be worried.

Elia Kazan dead.

At least he made it all the way to 94, unlike the past few who dropped in their 50's. Here's his pedigree.

He was an author, director, actor and producer and Oscar winner.. He also squealed on some of his fellow Hollywood brethen during the McCarthy years. Which, of course, does not take away from his vast talents at all.

Go rent: On The Waterfront

Althea Gibson, the first black tennis star, has died. She was 76.

I think I could just make a hobby out of sitting her reloading Fark every few minutes to see whose turn comes up in the wheel of death.


Hoolywad will never forgive him. Wait a few years and they will make bogus movies about him the way they still do McCarthy.

A friend emailed me that Donald O'Connor had died as well.

Michele, while the era is commonly called the McCarthy years, Kazan testified before the House committee investigating Communist influence in the media. Joe McCarthy had nothing to do with it. And the "blacklist" was action taken by movie magnates, civilians, on their own, without any prompting from the Government.

And, we should remember, that Kazan was proved truthful when the Soviet archives opened up. The Soviets had agents in Hollywood, and were attempting to inflence the American people.

all these deaths is just the cosmos making up for years of letting these people live on borrowed time.

Chuck's right (except, I think, for the prompting by government). It is also useful to point out that if Kazan had named names of Nazis or Fascists he would have been considered a hero.

How weird. I was looking thru all the weekend listings to see what to record for future viewing because I was going to be out of town all weekend, and On The Waterfront was on TCM this weekend. Now to make some time to watch it this week.

don't say that. i have a sag card. and i've had a bad enough year, thankyouverymuch.

What's a "SAG card"?

Well, if you look really hard, there isn't much difference between an International Socialist(marxist, communist, maoist, Hillary) and a National Socialist (fascist, Nazi, Hillary).