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the protesters' own quagmire

Thinking about some things just makes my brain hurt. For instance:

Protests around the world on Saturday called for an end to the US-led occupation of Iraq and Israel's claims on Palestinian territories.

In London, about 20,000 people were estimated by police to have demonstrated against continuing military involvement in Iraq.

So, these people spend months and months claiming that the Iraq war is quagmire and now they want us to just pull out and go home, leaving the Iraqi people to stumble around in the darkness of that quagmire.

Of course, if we did that, the moonbats would spend the next few months staging protests against America for leaving the Iraqi people so vulnerable.

Wouldn't pulling out of Iraq now only hurt the people there? Wouldn't the rebels who still worship Saddam just take over, instill Islamic law, rule by torture and put the fear of Saddam's legacy back into the citizens?

The lack of patience on the part of the protesters is astounding. How quickly did they think democracy would happen? Free countries are not built in day, not even in a year. They refuse to see any of the good that is happening in Iraq and instead focus on bad news only.

Protesting a war that has already taken place is counter productive to the rebuilding that comes after.

Then again, these idiots never cared about the Iraqi people at all. They only care about their own agenda, which is to see Bush and his administration fail at all costs, even at the cost of lives and peace.


I agree with you up 'til the end -- I think these people's agendas are far too navel-gazing for that. At some level these sorts of crazies need the Bush administration, as their Grand Evil Foil to contrast with their own Gleaming Pure Souls.

Or, in other words: please don't conflate those silly, silly people with those of us liberals who actually have the defeat of Bush as part of our agenda! (And who generally think not that we need to pull out of Iraq, but that Iraq needs to be done right.)

JW seems close to the mark on this one. Here's to hoping Bush can get us out of this mess properly before he loses his presidency.

Yeah. The administration is doing everything it can to fail all by itself. It needs no encouragement.

It's just Zero-Issue Politics, Michele. Nothing we haven't seen aplenty, these past three years.

"these idiots never cared about the Iraqi people at all"

LOL...these wing nuts sure do care about the Iraqi people. thanks for a good laugh, lying liars.

Bush supporters just keeping going down, faster and faster...

What wingnuts need is a good, simple motto for their wars...how about "plastic patriots for the iraqi people." LOL

Actually, I think some of the protestors do care about the Iraqis. They're just very stupid.

But most of them just care about worshipping at the altar of Dissent. Dissent is Good. Dissenters are Holy. We're for Peace! Who wouldn't be for Peace? Only bloodthirsty imperialistic oil-grabbing right-wing death beasts, that's who.

As JW says, the protests are mainly a way for the Peace People to show how very very holy they are. Any other issues are secondary.

What I want to know is when the US will become a democracy rather than a republic.

BSTI we will cease to be a republic when we scrap our constitution. Mob rule is not the best way to go. But you know that or you would not have asked such an asshatted question.

Then again, these idiots never cared about the Iraqi people at all. They only care about their own agenda, which is to see Bush and his administration fail at all costs, even at the cost of lives and peace.

There you go again.

Shorter Small Victory: "They don't have any good reason for disliking Bush, they're just moonbats."

The message is clear: only moonbats have a problem with Bush.

And you wonder why people don't believe you when you say you're not a blind loyalist.

That's not what I said at all, Thlayli.

Back to tenth grade math:

All moonbats hate Bush.
Thlayli is moonbat.
Therefore, Thlayli hates Bush.

All moonbats hate Bush.
Thlayli hates Bush.
Therefore, Thlayli is a moonbat.

Which statement would prove false?

Did anybody find out the composition of the group of protestor's calling for a pull-out? Is there any actual correlation between the "war protestors" and those "calling for pull-out"? Maybe so or maybe not. I marched on DC, and I firmly believe the war was a horrendous atrocity. But we're in for the long haul (Bush should hang for it), we can't and shouldn't leave until "order" has returned.

As Jeffrey Sachs observes, our President wants "to pump tens of billions of dollars into a middle-income oil-rich country of 24 million people, while utterly neglecting 500 million impoverished Africans, 10 million of whom will actually die this year of extreme poverty, too poor to buys the drugs, bed nets, fertilizers, tube wells, and other basic contrivances that could keep them alive." http://www.boston.com/news/globe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2003/09/13/a_better_use_for_our_87b/

I guess the Catholic contraceptive mantra of "pull and pray" is at work here.

Maybe the protestor's are all Catholic?

I think we protestors will be fine, but thank you for your concern. See, the thing is that those who are predisposed to dislike mass actions (such as Ms. Schultz above) aren't going to care what we do, and will limit their kvetching to those of a like mind. Meanwhile, we get to keep making our presence known (see you in DC on Oct. 25!) and have the added bonus of continually gaining new supporters to our cause as the depth of the Bush administration's problems grows (anyone seen today's WaPo? Good reading).

"I think we'll be just fine," he said smugly.

What's a "moonbat"? My OED lists "mooncalf," but not "moonbat."

I got verbal syllogisms in logic, myself, not math.

What's the sane reason to not think Bush is a bad president?

JR -- being smug is not considered a good thing.

So it was wrong to liberate the Iraqis because we didn't help 500 million Africans?

As I recall, it's taken over 200 years for democracy in America to become what it is today.

We've been in Iraq for less than one year.

Patience, anyone?

"Bush is BAD. He HAS to be. Tell me why he isn't BADBADBAD. He's JUST BAD."

Thank you, trolls. Please don't pretend to have a superior moral or political stance if the best you can (evidently, here) manage is "Bush BAD".

This means you, Thersites. (PS. Way to imply that everyone who doesn't think "Bush is BAD" is insane! Since you claim to know syllogism, you must realise what you said (unless you are, yourself, insane) and what it means, leaving us with a pathetic "medicalisation of dissent". Yay, moral superiority!)