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comment spammers beware

I am devoting the rest of my waking life to tracking down and maiming the person who keeps spamming my comments with ads.

I have already banned eleven IPs. This guy seems to be working with a team.

Do you hear me, asswipe? I will find you. And, as has become my standard, I trail you, follow you home, piss in your garden and barbecue your cat for dinner. And that's just for starters.

If that fails, I'll just put a hex on you.

UPDATE: These are the IPs I've banned just today. Commit them to memory, bloggers.,,,,,,,,,

Just added:


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Please do post those addresses so that others may preemptivly do so.

I tried doing them from memory, but I'm numerically dyslexic. Oops, I think I just banned the State Department's Foggy Bottom Proxy server. Oh, wait, thats not an oops.

To me these bowlfloaters are just the same as telemarketers... or DU.

You can try tracking them down via http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl

The first two are from Amsterdam, third is BellSouth in Atlanta, etc.

Aw, Michele - be nice. The cat didn't do anything. :)


I've only just started getting hit with these commentbots myself. What's weird is that they cluster around a single post, often, dumping piles of gunk into the comments over a period of hours using a wide list of IPs.

I wish I'd kept a list of the IPs I'd banned. I know for certain I'm going to publish them in the future!

I got 2 yesterday, on 2 completely seperate blogs, (one one my domain, one not) from the same person...first time in over 4 years thats happened...
thank you for the list!

Yowie, yow, yow.

I got my first comments spam just a couple days ago. Very messed up.

And do they actually think they're going to get hits by doing that? It only pisses people off.

Michele, I'm breaking my "I will not comment" rule, but this might help your sanity:


Wow. This is my first visit to your site, thru another one, and you have made a lasting impression with this entry... lol... remind me never to let my cat near your barbecque, err I mean website.
: )

Ooooh! Yeah. Please! I want a bigger penis NOW!

I only buy stuff from truly top of the line irritating sales people.

As If!

Totally OT,but it warmed the cockles of my heart today to hear that Donald O'Connor,on his deathbed ,said"I would like to thank the academy for the lifetime achievement award that I will receive,eventually" Amen and Hellelulah.RIP Mr Laugh.

Thanks for the IPs. I was hit by another one ( with a notation at the end of the comment: "If you find this entry inappropriate please remove it from your database!"

How nice of the spammer to say that! :p

FYI, check out this MT hack for killing comment spam. I plan on implementing it this week, and I hope I never have to see comment spam about penis enlargement or viagra again!

If there's going to be shameless advertising on blogs, it had better be with the Blogads engine! ;)

Michelle -

I'm starting to get hit myself, and went looking for a MT-plugin based solution. Jay Allen appears to have done some significant work on the problem here:


I have not tried his solution yet, but it looks pretty viable...


Mariann - I got that same spam from the same IP ( To add insult to... well, insult, that IP belongs to my hosting provider. I'll be sending them an email, but I don't know if they'll do anything. (They used to be very good on this, but since they got bought by a larger company their service has gone downhill.)

There were two reasons I didn't allow comments on my blogs. 1. Ass-hat flamers. 2. Spammers.

All too often the offenders are on a dynamic ip address so blocking is useless. The only real solution is to require registration before posting. Unforutnately, this will discourage a lot of people from commenting (maybe that isn't a bad thing). Also, the most persistent jerks will simply create a throwaway account on yahoo or hotmail and continue to be a thorn in your side. The easy solution is to disallow registration with any of the freebie email services. There are a LOT of throwaway services, so it might take a while to build up a reasonably good database.

I totally Agree With Everyone Here. Great Site BTW....

Seems like Mr. Casino has some thoughts on spam...

Nice Journal.. Just checkin you out.. Peace!

There's nothing to gain and nothing to lose.

Do give books - religious or otherwise - for Christmas. They're never fattening, seldom sinful, and permanently personal.

Maybe take one home overnight and then bring it back citing issues with the other pets?