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and another one bites the dust

Detective Encyclopedia Brown Found Dead In Dumpster

>Detective Brown's death is a great loss," said Idaville Police Commissioner Rupert "Bugs" Meany, a longtime critic of Brown's unorthodox investigative technique who nevertheless appeared to be shaken by the murder. "Thanks to him, Idaville has the highest arrest-to-conviction-due-to-obscure-trivia rate in the nation. I believe I speak for everyone in Idaville when I say that Encyclopedia Brown was truly the greatest sleuth in sneakers."

I don't believe anything Meany says. He's wanted Brown dead since they were kids.

And really, how does the town bully and village idiot grow up to be Police Commissioner anyhow? Hello, corruption!

I think I'll take this case on as soon as I finish The Case Of The Missing Blogger.

RIP, Detective Brown.

[thanks to Alex for the link]


You know I don't think I ever got one of them right. I always thought I had finally gotten it just like Encyclopedia but inevitably I'd have missed a clue somewhere along the way.

Hmm... I notice that the post alerting people to Tucker Carlson's home phone number has been removed, now that it has been pointed out that wingnuts were calling his house and cursing at his children. Encyclopedia Brown might call that the Case of the Missing Apology, I guess.

Didn't you notice Meany's alibi? He said he was at the NORTH pole watching the penguins.

He done it.

I always thought he grew up to bcome Bill Pullman in 'Zero Effect.'