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L'shanah tovah. Happy New Year to all my Jewish friends. May Israel remain peaceful for the holidays and may your year be filled with prosperity, love and hope.

I will be joining my family for our annual Rosh Hashanah dinner (for my brother-in-law, whose family is in Florida). I'll be back later on tonight.


Shana Tovah to you, too, Michele. With the wonderful things you've done for us -- notably the Blogathon effort for Magen David Adom, and your constant support and advocacy on your blog, you are in my mind an honorary member of the Jewish people.

And not just because you live on Long Island and celebrate Rosh Hashana.

So soon we'll be teaching you the secret handshake.

Gotta remember to write 5764 on my checks, I'll probably still use last year, 5764, by mistake for weeks.

May you have a blessed holiday.

Shana Tova Michele.

Thanx Chele. And we count up not down. We do however read from right to left. Example:
!raeY weN yppaH