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how to entertain children

Both Nat and DJ had friend over after school today - another brother/sister team, which means there was lots of screaming and yelling going on.

Nat and her friend asked Justin to "entertain" them after I chased the boys outside to play hockey.

So he did. By crushing a Coke can on his head, which was an act requested by Natalie's friend.


Then he had to repeat it for the boys.

All those video games, movies and sports equipment, and this is what passes for entertainment in our house.


i have a monster computer system with a killer surround sound system and a veritable shitload of computer games including rachel lucas's current addiction, medal of honor allied assault, sitting in the offices of mr. helpful.

i have a kick ass stereo system set up in the same room which is connected to my dvd player and television.

in the living room rests another big television with a kick ass surround sound stereo system as well as another dvd player.

in my bedroom is yet another television hooked up to yet another stereo system and dvd player.

i have 450 cds, 900 cassette tapes, 111 computer games, 743 albums, 67 dvds and a bookcase full of books, several of which i havent read yet.

still, that which gives me the MOST pleasure is to stand on my deck and take a leak into the cool night air, said urine to land gracefully upon the lawn of some asshole neighbors, some thirty feet below.

it must be a guy thing, eh?

heh heh heh

in the living room

And i thot I was easily amused... thanks for the insight, mr helpful, on the wonderful world of men...

Tell the truth, Michele -- that's why you married him, right? ;)

Well he is a youngun, right ? I know that has it's "perks", but you have to take the good with the bad.

w00t! It's the little things that bring joy, isn't it? ; )

Mr. Helpful, do you know my husband? He aims for the freshly planted flowers!

Hey - that is the way you grow great tomano vines - piss on them.

This is really fucking disturbing. Tucker played a mean prank, and Fox could have countered by publishing the CNN phone number, but instead they took they low ball route, and you're a bigger turd for keeping this private information on the net even after Fox took it down.

Can I have your home phone number so I can call you and terrorize your children?

That'll teach me to not play Yahoo! pool while being crass on the internet.

That's quite the talented hubby you've got there!