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mental health will drive you mad

At least when your mental health devolves on a Thursday, there's a new Acid Keg to hmm...make it worse.

(Hey, that's a compliment, Steve. Now update your weblog)

If that doesn't make you smile, perhaps Penny Arcade's Photoshop mastery of the Doom 3 preview will [scroll down a bit].

Or maybe your funny bone is tickled by making fun of the 9th Circuit.

Hmm, ok. Then start here to see how Pat's friends use the Anarachist Cookbook to play a prank on him. Hilarity ensues. Unless you're Pat. Then it's not funny at all. But obviously, I'm not Pat.

This has been a message from your Mental Health Emergency System.


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(What do yo mean, this isn't Scrappleface?)

Yvonne has been having orgasms. Can't you and Meryl and Andrea find anything better to do?

I never make fun of the best Circuit Court.

mmmmmmm... homemade plastique-alicious.

Heh. I feel cool now, since I read 3 out of those 4 regularly (PA, DbyD and AW). The feeling of coolness will pass.

Thanks for that. I'm in need of a mental health break myself.