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writing about hamas while eating hummus

Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin as Saruman.

In other Yassin news, he has stunned - I mean stunned! the world by declaring that Hamas will not commit to a truce with Israel. I am shocked. He also lashed out at the United States, saying President Bush "declared war on Islam" and that America will be defeated by Muslims.

He should actually be grateful to Bush that Hamas still exists. You know what I mean.

And I really wish these extremists Muslims would make up their minds. Do they want to defeat us, destroy us and wipe us out or do they want to convert us? There is a difference and that small difference means a lot to me; I mean, do I prepare to die or prepare to remember which way to turn to face Mecca?

Seems to me that the ranks of Hamas "militants" are growing rather thin. Of course, they can always pick up new recruits for the Muslim jihad over at Guantanamo.


What happened to the good old days when they used to just throw rocks at Israeli tanks?

Maybe they are out of rocks? Maybe we should send some B-52's over to Gaza and drop TONS of rocks on them!

Learn the direction of Mecca. I think the enemy's order of preference, as proscribed by their holy leaders, is:

1. Convert us.
2. Their option if we fail to convert - enslave us or slay us.

Mmmmm...hummus. Now I'm hungry. See how easy it is to see the slivers of good in everything. =P

Just drop a bunch of 1000 pounders. There won't be anything left but rocks.