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a question for all the parents out there

Have you ever had one of those nights where you want to run out the door, get in your car and never, ever come back?


Ummm, like tonight? I called a friend and asked if smoking crack was a bad thing, ha! Honestly, your kids are much older than mine and you are giving me no hope for the future.

Yep. That's why music keeps me sane. Or, keep your sanity by looking at these little works of art.

YES! Should I stop by and pick you up?

My girls are 2 and almost 3 -- yeah, I wanna escape. NOW. Do I have to leave a forwarding address?

oh honey you so need to read todays post on my site
youll understand soon

Yes. You are the only parent who has ever felt this way, ever. You are a disgrace.

Sell me your children. I'll put them to good use.

I was gonna say were there ever any kind of other nights, then I saw the question was limited to parents, so I am not eligible to say anything. ;) I am eligible to father children, though.

The proper question isn't "have you".... but "How OFTEN?"

Nope, but I've seriously considered wearing industrial ear muffs around the house!

Yeah, and then I blog about it, get called all sorts of bullshit names and decide I'm more pissed at the catty pissants who start fights over things like that, which makes me forget how irritated I am with my kids.

or just throwing the kids out for the night and locking the door. I'd throw a blanket so they'd stay warm, I just don't think I should be the one to have to leave when they are the ones causing all the freakin' chaos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plugs my ears to not hear my son STILL crying because I had the nerve to make HIM take his shower first

my wife wanted a bigger apartment so we and the boys would have more room. I just wanted an appartment for myself.............simple.......

Reminds me of an incident from my childhood.

There were five of us kids - I'm the oldest, and was about 9 or 10 at the time. We were being more rambunctious than normal, and my mother had had enough of us. She yelled at us that she couldn't take our misbehavior any more, and she was running away from home.

A short time later, my father came home from work and was immediately surrounded by crying children who were very scared because Mommy had run away from home, and they didn't know where she was, and they were very sorry and wouldn't do it again, and please, Daddy, please find Mommy!

I found out later that she'd gone down the street to a neighbor's house to have a cup of tea where she could keep an eye on the front of the house.


reminds me of a quote

"One hell of a morning has turned into one bitch of a day"

now why do you think I never let the gas tank fall below half??

We are counting down the days till we do.

The plan is to sell the house while the bastards are out cashing their welfare checks, hit the RV Depot, and take off into the wherever.

You are not alone... I'm sure the kids feel the same way too sometimes :)

"You can't leave. All the plants will die." -- Bill Murray, "Stripes."

Oh, you mean there are supposed to be nights when you DON'T feel like this? Damn.

Hmm... and my wife has been through 2 surgeries and we have been forking over monthly payments to the fertility clinic for that? Maybe we should buy a boat or something.

Indeed Yes!! Yesterday was definitely one of those days, because the only children I have are the apparent infants who read my site:



To Dean Esmay: Lighten up, fella. Michele isn't some kind of evil demon (oh, right, she's 'right-leaning')just because she gets exasperated with her kids! I have twin 5-yr-olds, and if I had a nickel for everytime I thought like that.......I'd be able to hire a full-time nanny so that I could actually get in the car and drive awhile.

To Kevin: Don't give up hoping, stay positive. When it works, regardless of what we parents might say in a fit of pique, not a day goes by when I don't tell myself they're the best thing that ever happened to me.My kids are 5, and I still take the time to look in on them sleeping before I turn in. Angelic, regardless of how horrific they have been in the waking world.


Ken to co-worker: I got a bike for my oldest son on the weekend.

Co-worker to Ken: That sounds like a pretty reasonable exchange.

Did your kids have parents in the first place, in that, was they delivered by the stork, and not not sprung up from dinosaur capsules? Michele, you bitch, take your kids to the swap meet, instead. You might check Ebay, as well.

Oh, the comment above was mine.

I'm having one of those days at work, does that count?


I have those thoughts about my spouse, not my kid. Actually, I want fantasise that she will get in the car and never come back



Dean was being light.

You're also right about kids sleeping being angelic. It's their defense mechanism. The innocent look on our two's faces is what keeps my wife and I from strangling them as they sleep.

Strange that such moments coincide. Matter of fact I had mine yesterday! After feeling guilty I realized that it wasn't the kids fault, I wasn't exasperated with them but their mother. However in her usual manner their step mom diffused the situation better than anyone I know can.

There are nights that you don't want to?

Is this a trick question? They're teens now...it gets worse!

I never got farther than 2 miles. Hang in there.


Ok, I gotta have one more word here

Kids are worth it because, sooner or later, they give you grandkids

AND THOSE are a dream!!!

My twin grandsons turn one Saturday, and I am LOVING being a grandma (confession: it did take me a bit to get used to the concempt..I mean I'm not "old"...and neither is my still golfing snowsking mom now great-grandma @ 72)