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dirty politics

As we gear up for Election Day, the radio spots and tv spots for the hopefuls in all races abound with degrading, demeaning and sometimes slanderous comments about their opponents. Low-blow ads are the norm, for the most part. Slinging mud and heaving vitriol at your perceived enemy in the polls is pretty much standard. That doesn't make it any more pleasant to see or hear.

Now, I've seen some nasty mud slinging in my time. I've seen vicious, knife-wielding attacks that cut the metaphoric throat of many a running man/woman.

But never have I seen anything so vile, so disgusting, so horrific in its resonance as John Kerry's attack on Howard Dean.

He called him a Yankee fan. He said it with all the insulting force that one reserves for calling a playground enemy a doody-head or a retard. He said it like it's a bad thing.

Of course, Dean did have some grief coming to him, as he his now declaring himself to be a Red Sox fan in order to garner votes. That, in and of itself, is grounds for abuse to be heaped upon him. It's tantamount to sacrilige to switch allegiances from Yankee blue to Red Sox green (the green is for envy).

However, Kerry has proved himself to be the greater of two transgressors here. To hurl the phrase "Yankee Fan" with such distaste, such vitriol, such digust, just proves that he is not worthy of the presidency of this country. Anyone with any sense of pride or even a modicum of common sense knows that to be a Yankee fan is to be a true American, a believer in all that is good and a citizen to be held in the greatest regard.

I can now cross both Kerry and Dean off of my list of contenders for my vote, though Kerry never had a chance to begin with.


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It's the only thing Kerry's ever gotten right, I think. ducking

Wish Bill could run again.

Er...yeah? The Yankees are the evil enemy of baseball - the one team that everyone can rally against. Kind of like the Moral Majority.

Go CUBS!!!!!!!!!!

The thing is Michele, you can be a New Yorker and not be a Yankees fan. No big deal. But you cannot be a New Englander (or call yourself a New Englander as Dean tries to do) and not be a Red Sox fan.

That's the big difference between the two regions and their fans.

You can be a New Englander and root for someone other than the Sox, as long as you are a transplant and stay true to your old team. And everyone knows if you can't stay true to your favorite baseball team, you will not stay true to your word.

Go Cubs!!!

Gee, Drew, and some people thought you were intelligent. Why not vote for Kerry? He does look so French with those big bags under his eyes and that perpetual frown as if he just ate a bad oyster.

As for a sports teams go. I live here in Oklahoma and I think it is a felony not to root for either of the two State Universities.


But a transplant isn't really a New Englander in the sense I was speaking of. A transplant can root for another team, but if you're born in MA, NH, VT, ME, RI (and some parts of CN) and you don't root for the Red Sox, well, then, you're not a person to be fully trusted. :)

With that said, too, I wouldn't trust anyone who transplanted in and started to root for the Red Sox just to "fit in." And therein lies Dean's problem.

Fear not, Michele... your junior Senator is a Yankee fan.

Even though she went to high school in Chicahgo and to college in Bahstin.

Geez, Michele, you're almost making me think about supporting Kerry...

My only complaint is with people that have bumper stickers and t-shirts with "Yankees Suck" on them.

This is demonstratably untrue, in almost all cases.

Being a Yankee fan is morally reprehensible, and those who doubt it only show their own moral depravity. It doesn't matter if you're from New England or elsewhere.

I became a Tiger fan in 1955 and so spent my formative years under the yoke of the accursed Yankee oppressors.

If Hillary was a Yankee fan then she dishonored her status as Cub fan.

Banana oil!! Yankees fans are marginally above 2nd LTs and lawyers on the food(-deserving) chain....

Damn...this is a big blow to Dean. Everyone knows you either love the Yankees or HATE them (yup, thats me) and you never, ever, ever change allegiance. Being so flippant about shows that he's either a kiss up or he doesn't know baseball. Probably both. This is going to be another fun election. Maybe I'll write in Gary Coleman.