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why metafilter pisses me off

Couldn't retire to the couch without linking this one.

Someone does a good thing (more of which I will write about tomorrow) and the MeFites tear it to shreds.


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MeFi has gone straight past "relevant" and dug in fast at "cliche".

Isn't it strange how some people have to cut down everything others attempt in order to make themselves feel better? Can they really think they are a bigger person by making all others smaller in their perspective? Carly Simon comes to mind... "You're So Vain."

You inspired me to comment there.

I engaged in name calling.

I feel like I vented my spleen.


Those people are such a bunch of opportunistic, self centered, phonies.

Yeah, yeah, cluster bombs bad. Mines bad.

We get it, ok ? Guys like Chief Wiggles - pay attention MeFi simpletons - don't make military policy. Ok ? They follow orders. If they don't, they go to jail and someone who WILL will be put in their place.

The guy wants to help the kids in Iraq. I thought the idiot left WANTED to help Iraq. At least you would be led to believe such. Although the "let's get our of Iraq now" drumbeat and this mocking of a kind-hearted effort to show some kindness to the kids of Iraq prove otherwise.

As we've pointed out numerous times before, it's not about the help or the people being helped, it's about who is providing the help. If it isn't the liberal left, well then the people be damned I guess.

And that's the nice way to say it. Screw them. That's still far "nicer" than they deserve.

seemed pretty tame to me, by MeFi standards.

Buncha Douche.Bags.all they know how to do is tear down.Mines bad.Candy bad.Barbie bad.Soldiers bad.But their INTENTIONS are so noble they must be golden.Yeah yeah,the road to hell baby.Paved.Miserable buncha f wads.

It would be more irritating if it weren't so predictable and boring.

Has anyone ever encountered a MeFi thread about Iraq , Bush, or Israel that didn't immediately devolve into lefty self-righteous bitching?

I'm agree with Shai. Nothing interesting has been said at Metafilter for a while now -- especially on "political" topics -- that's why I'm not going to even bother following your link.

Can't say I'm real surprised by the way the Metafite's discussion went. I've had diminishingly small expectations of the left for decades, and those expectations get lower every year - and they keep living down to them.

I think the Cheif is doing a pretty good thing. Kudos to him.

Swerdloff-- I read your comments at MeFi. Nice job.

Of course, in all fairness, it wasn't hard to make those asshelmets look bad. What kind of smug, twisted bastard do you have to be to slam a toy drive for Iraqi kids? I think it's the smug idiocy that irritates me more than the cynical naivete.