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more on mepham: the snowball effect

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Parents and students at Mepham have twisted the blame once again, and are now chastizing the school district for failing to cooperate with Pennsylvania police.

This is an interesting development, seeing as that most of the parents and students, from the beginning, were failing to cooperate with the school district.

Athletes of other Mepham teams, like track and soccer, are being harrassed by opposing players.

Perhaps if people came forward immediately and the investigation was done in a timely manner, Mepham High School would not be the media event it is now. The media is interested in this for the very reason that parents and students did not cooperate; and now that the school district is being taken to task for the same thing, the story only gets bigger and develops a wider audience.

The Bellmore community is losing sight of the original crimes; now the story is focusing on who is passing the buck and who is not speaking and who is to blame for the investigation dragging on. As this happens, the three football players who committed the crimes slink slowly into the background, as if they were just a sidebar to the story.

And still, no one talks about the victims. They talk of seasons ruined, of school days distrupted by media, of lost scholarships and the black mark on the town of Bellmore. It's as if the town is the victim, and not the boys who were brutally assualted by their class mates.

Paul Vitello of Newsday is doing a good job covering the more alarming aspects of this story, namely how a breakdown in communication - not to mention a breakdown in the morals of right and wrong - led to a bungling investigation that has left a laundry list of blame a mile long.

This is only going to get uglier; the more shit that hits the fan, the deeper the circle of silence will go.

And still, not one person quoted in any story, not one student or parent or administrator is talking about how this will affect the victims. They only talk of how it will affect them. That's a pretty telling fact.


someone needs to get the victims to come forward and start making some statements publicly, basically saying "fuck ALL of you, you selfish assholes!! you think this school is short on sports now, wait till i sue the living shit out of you. you could've stopped this....you had the chance, but no, you were more interested in covering your own asses rather than punish the homo freaks that violated MINE. tell ya what though, since you all seem to specialize in covering your own interests i'll make a deal with ya. if everyone throws the football players to the wolves and i mean totally. criminal charges....the works.....i won't sue. think it over folks."

Good Morning America featured the story this morning. It's no longer a small town secret.

it was in the washington post today. not a secret any more.

it mentions a grand jury investigation.

People, please spank your kids and get them in line when they are young. It will help them grow up to not be bullys.

It worked for most of us.

They only talk of how it will affect them. That's a pretty telling fact.

...and they said the '80s was the 'me' decade.


One for thing...
It seems to me that this is teaching the remaining kids (that haven't learned this already) - that justice is only important - if it doesn't inconvenience you personally...

So now the kids on other Mepham sports teams are being 'victimized' because of the actions of the football apes and the 'wall of silence'. Poor babies. Until all the names are named, the NYS Board of Regents (or whatever is the certifying organization for schools) should 'excommunicate' the school. No sports or other activities that involve interaction with other schools or districts. Test results will not be counted toward whatever state-recognized diploma the graduates receive. No state or federal funding.

Just do it the old military way. If some are guilty and nobody's talking, they're all as guilty. Make them all victims - maybe that will smoke out the rats. Everyone suffers until the truth is out. Suspension of funding will even get the administration to get out of the way.

If this is drastic, so was the crime. Make the punishment fit it for all of them if they stay silent. The flood of lawsuits will happen anyway.


The entire thing is so sick and twisted and messed up and just plain WRONG. I can't fathom how the parents of those little monsters thinks it's ok to protect them!