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leave the gun, take the zeppoles

You people are insane. Were you not listening?

A zeppole is NOT a fritter, a donut hole, a funnel cake, a biegnet, Malasadas or elephant ears. Zeppoles are different than all those things. They are better. They are made with the blood of old Italian grandmothers and sprinkled with the ashes of Don Corleone.

Ok maybe not. But they may be similar to the above mentioned items. However they are not those items. Remember the zeppole fairie. She has a mean streak, so don't be surprised to find a miniature horse's head under your blankets tonight if you argue with me about this.


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But can they top Krispy Kremes? Or those sugar cookies my babysitter made when I was a wee lad?

Calling a zeppole a fritter or a donut hole or a funnel cake is like calling a kolache a danish. It is a poor imitation of the REAL THING!

Why are we not listening? It's all part of an Indymedia plot, see, and I hey! . . . mfphsmgllwmp . . .

I like the robot design better!

I'd heard that the Zeppole Fairy was responsible for the extinction of unicorns because she got her knickers in such a twist at people confusing her confections with their lesser cousins.

Well, it's 10 minutes til 7 here at work and frankly I'd very much LIKE a zeppole. It's apparently THE thing to eat these days. Keeps showing on this prominent blog. But can I get one ? NOOooooo!!!

I blame you.

GAH! Krispy Kremes don't stand a chance against Zeppoles!

Does anyone know where to find good Zeppoles in Atlanta? I have to do the taste test if someone says they are better than Krispy Kremes (especially when the fresh light is on)

Oh I thought that was groupies called Pagey and Plants' er...never mind.

If it's not Italian, it's crap!

They aren't pączeks, but they're pretty damn good.

Please, no blood libel about zeppoles and Italian grandmothers. I can hear the imams now, 'I knew it!!' We'll be reading about this in MERMI next week.

What's your take on pizzelles?

Michele, you must have passed your baking exam with flying crullers.

At least you avoided the great peirogie/piroshki contraversy.

The taste of the Zeppole is sweet and light, an unimaginable perfect marriage of fats and sugar. But IN ADDITION, its name is unimaginably sweet and light on tongue of a native Italian speaker. Seek one out and hear for yourself. Wait till you hear how the Z and the first E are pronounced...

- The Precision Blogger

this was one of Frank Sinatra's favorite!
Yields 12
6 eggs
2 cups water
2 cups flour
1 tablespoon butter
Pinch of salt
Vegetable oil for frying
12 maraschino cherries
2 pounds of ricotta cheese
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips
Bring water, batter, and salt to a boil. When boiling, add flour and stir until thoroughly mixed for about 1 minute. Take off fire. Put into mixing bowl and cool for 10 minutes. Mixing at a medium speed add 1 egg at a time allowing each egg to blend. Put in a pastry bag. Cut wax paper into 3-inch squares and lightly dust with flour. Pipe into doughnut shapes. Heat oil to 35f. Carefully slide batter off the wax into the oil. Fry for 7 to 8 minutes turning every couple of minutes. Doughnuts should double in size. Allow to cool. Slice horizontally.