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it's that time again

Aww, the kiddies at Indymedia are becoming obsessed with me. It seems that every time there's a troll running around the IMC sites stating right-of-center views, they assume it's me.

''ANTI-SPAM'' exposed as ''MICHELLE''

The cop who has been spamming IMC in an effort to suppress the use of the word "zionazi" exposed him/herself ... by using the word zionazi in a post at a wingnut site announcing he/she was going to troll IMC exactly at the beginning of the current spam campaign against the word "zionazi" by "anti-spam"

They once thought me to be a right-winger named Blah. I've also been accused of being various other people who post on the IMCs under psuedonyms. The only problem is, I generally don't comment on Indymedia because I discovered that all my comments get deleted eventually. What's the point?

"Anti-spam's" latest attack on indy began shortly after the post below by michelle on a wingnut website September 16th! Compare the focus on "zionazi" by both michelle (below) AND anti-spam (above), who are obviously the same person.

He is referring to this post, when I used the term zionazi.

Hey, jackass - I used the term zionazi because one of your IMC faithful bestowed that description upon me a while ago.

Because michelle/anti-spam is actively involved in sowing confusion here and shutting down IMC (see the rest of her website which defines IMC as "enemy", e.g. the image http://asmallvictory.net/archives/im_enemy.gif and plenty of anti-imc text in which he/she is self-described as a zionazi,

Again, not self described. Nor have I ever made a comment on any IMC site calling myself anti-spam. I am not afraid to use my own name, my own IP (not a proxy). Hell, I even once posted where I would be having dinner one evening last month so all you IMC freaks could come and confront me face to face. Of course, no one showed. I am not afraid of any of you.

...any posts exposing the nature and range of his/her activities are quite relevant, especially when he/she is presently engaged in an orchestrated covert attack with her pals in "Little Green Footballs" to suppress the perfectly legitimate term "zionazi" which led (for example) to Google News suppressing SF-IMC.

Well, I had no idea I was engaged in anything with Charles, though I would not be opposed to joining up with Charles in showing all of you for what you really are - anti-Semetic terrorist supporters.

Oh, by the way, my name has only one L. If you are going to slander me or call me out or whatever it is you are doing, at least get my name right.

Now, I expect that, unlike Vince of Indymedia, you will not take three months to publicly apologize for spreading false truths about me. Because I know that you guys are all about truth.



And of course he misses the point of your button, which is that Indymedia declared you an enemy, not vice versa.

He needs to lay off that Canadian government cannabis.


I think we should spread the rumor that you and Charles are engaged in something. Anything. Though, since he is an admitted lizerdoid, that would make you... No, I can imagine you in fur (meow), but not in lizard scales. Nevermind...

BTW, hooray for zeppoles.

You want to know why I'm pissed? Because I used to be great at parody. I could make fun of anyone and anything. And then the Left went so far out there that they can't be parodied.

I. Can't. Parody. Them. I can't make up anything more outlandish than what they're already doing and saying. Holy Christ on a crutch.

"perfectly legitimate term zionazi" -- I think that says it all. I have no interest in reading anything by people who think the term "zionazi" is just peachy.

somebody ought to tell those people at Indymedia that dumb, shrill, and bigoted is no way to go through life.

Oh wait....you did.


I have to agree with Meep, the casual acceptance of the judenhassen implicit in the term zionazi is satggering in it's vileness

FOOLS! Playing your little pipsqueak internet games! It is I, and I alone, who have penetrated Michele's cloak of invisibility, who am immune to her powers to cloud men's minds! And I know she is really...

Jimmy Hoffa!

If anything happens to me, inform Zeta Reticuli!

OK, obviously these Indymedia folks are nuts.
The world is full of nuts, though. If you let these people get your blood boiling, they win and you (and by extension, we your faithful readers) lose.

You're never going to change the minds of the zealots of Indymedia, and the rest of us already recognize that they're nuts...

You are the new El Nino!

These people at Indy, or whatever, sound like the worst kind of paranoid schizophrenics. The kind of people who move to the Northwest, dig a hole or move into a cave and talk to themselves about God and the government. Except that the people who really do that would probably shun them as being too radical, even for them.
What a bunch of morons. I've never been to that site and I never will go there. Whatever in the hell is wrong with them may be contagious.

This is cool, any other ways of pissing these leftist asshats off? I got banned from a few sites just because of my blogging name: alfredo stroessner. Go fig? Michele, keep it up.

Sorry for the redundancy when I wrote "leftist asshats".