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monday psa

Kelley's Sac gets bigger every week.


Well that's a hell of a sentence to see first thing in the morning.


That reminds me of when my wife and I were dining out last Saturday night, and all the TVs in the joint were tuned to ESPN. The score tracker at the bottom of the screen occasionally reported on a game between Ball State and whatever school they were playing last weekend.

It occurred to me that if my alma mater (Cal State U. Sacramento, but that was cumbersome so we had a shorter name for it) played that school, it would be "Ball State vs. Sac State."

I am easily amused. It is a shame I live with because I must.

I've wondered how long it would be before someone used that line...! Thanks for the link, Michele. :D

Watcha neams iut

Nice blog! Keep it on!