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fair thee well

A street fair: Corvettes lined up, gleaming in the midday sun; smiling faces, crying babies, yelling mothers, screams of delight; military marchers, uniformed guards, army-green vehicles; wares and crafts, yards of lace and country store boutique charm, wooden signposts, sliced up beer cans made to fly; the smell of zeppoles and sausage and peppers, the twirl of the cotton candy machine, tart, fresh lemonade, animals roasting on an open fire; magic shows and poodles too large to be real, swords of balloons, glad handing clowns; box cars that twirl in the air, seats that do a hurly-burly in the sky; green-hued faces and dizzying heights, the rush of speed; crowded walks and baby strollers, bicycles and skateboards and scooters that weave through the throng; giant slides and funny mirrors that make you look tall or short or stretched to the limits, ice cream mustaches and real egg creams - the Brooklyn kind; money turned over and turned over again, coins exchanged, tickets given, gasps of parents with thinning wallets and $2.50 Snapples going to waste, laying in gutter in the form of vomit; teenage girls with bad fashion sense, young boys with earrings and tattoos and mullets hanging around the Corvettes; babies asleep in strollers, worn out, exhausted, much like the adults that push them towards the parking lot; another fair come and gone. Fall must be here.


So descriptive I feel as if I were there.....

Add in civvy and military planes flying overhead and you've got what Nick and I went to today...

What's a zeppole?

Wow. I got an upset stomach just reading that...

Did they have what I hear is the latest street fair/carnival favorite -- FRIED TWINKIES?

Yep, they had fried twinkies. I hurried my child away from that evil booth before he got any ideas. That's the work of Satan, I tell ya.

I miss the festival of San Generro. It's been many many years.

The San Gennaro Festival!! oh yeah.

I could see it from my bedroom window as they set up--and every night it lasted I went to bed with the light of the ferris wheel in my eyes.

It was like summer coming back for an encore

And zeppoles--they're small balls of dough, fried and sugared. The italian festival version of funnelcakes or ...well...fried dough. Two bites. You get a bunch and eat them until you're twitching from the sugar and torpid from all the dough.

When you don't live there anymore there are just so many things that you miss.

Have some zeppoles for all of us that can't Michele.


And you always buy zeppoles in a brown paper bag filled with the bottom covered in powdered sugar. You buy the bag and shake it up, then eat.

I miss zeppoles.

...and kinishes, and good pizza, and...sigh