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by the way

Saw Once Upon A Time In Mexico. Loved it.

Best line: Are you a Mexican or a Mexican't?


Aren't we boycotting Johnny Depp?

I was amazed at Mickey Rourke playing sympathetic character.

Why should we boycott Johnny Depp?

If we boycotted movies because of the stupid things said by Hollywood actors and actresses, we'd hardly watch anything.

I for one, am not going to boycott 'The Lord of The Rings' simply because of Viggo Mortensen's anti-war views.

Some people talk, others do.

And let me add there's an enormous difference between anti-war views and Johnny Depp.

Why not just let Depp be and mock Tim Robbins...cut it down the middle.

We saw it last week and I ended up liking it a lot more than I expected. The Sands character was one of the best movie creations I've seen in a while. I'll stop there because everything else I want to say is spoilers!

Hope they figure out a way to make Depp's Agent Sands the star of his own film, he was so fabulous.

Loved really everything here. Glad to see Mickey Rourke in something decent.

Well, Depp just thinks our country sucks and our people are a bunch of fools. Personally, he can kiss my ass. I would like to see him make those statements here on our flightline. He would likely be run over by a disgruntled C-130.

I love how the very things that make us American (the ability to question our government and leadership) are the very things criticized the most harshly when the freedoms we're raised with are utilized... Just as you have the rights to use your "voice" to boycot him, so he has the freedom to speak his mind on what he sees wrong with current policy and administration (and raise his children in France for the time being if he so chooses).

Robyn, did I say he didn't have the right to speak? No? Right.

My comment wasn't addressed to you, Faith.

I 21 Jump Street.

Sorry bout that then, Robyn.

I must be the only one who found it to be pretty boring. ;)

If we boycotted movies because of the stupid things said by Hollywood actors and actresses, we'd hardly watch anything.

And your point?

Okay, just kidding. I have enjoyed some of Depp's work, and seen no reason to bother with most of it -- but that's pretty much the way I am with movies in general. There are some movies I'll watch for free that will leave me thinking, "Well, that's two hours of my life I'll never get back." But as I get older and the hours ahead of me get fewer that standard keeps me away from movies more and more.

Nasty, you are not alone.

I thought that movie was horrible. Depp's character was cool, but just like Rodriguez has shown in all his films since Desperado, it's all style and no substance.

Why is it that directors feel that every bad guy that gets shot needs to fly through the air like he was hit with a bazooka?? Apparently, we minions just won't enjoy it any other way.

My point was that Depp like many of his ilk say these things on foreign soil and wonder why many Americans get cheesed over what they say. They play to a foreign audience. And then deny what they said by stating that they were misquoted. Mr. Depp has every right to say what he wants and everyone who disagrees with him has every right to not pay $8.00 to see his films. Thay is not censorship, that is freedom of expression and association.

Well said Alfredo.

Indeed no one said Depp is not allowed to say the things he is saying but at the same time we are not required by any law to watch a Johnny Depp movie as well.

As for so and so's question of what do ya watch if you're boycotting certain Movie stars.

Well let's just say that I have the fortune of having great access to a bunch of Christian Movies such as Apocalypse I: Caught In The Eye Of The Storm (which features a song by Charlie Daniels), Apocalypse II: Revelation, Apocalypse III: Tribulation, and Apocalypse IV: Judgment ok the latter 3 do feature a few Hollywood Actors but thankfully non of the Hollywood Actors in either movies are on Boycott lists.

Nick Mancuso plays the Antichrist in part 2,3, and 4 (someone else played the Antichrist in part 1).

Part 2 also stars Jeff Fahey and Carol Alt.

Part 3 also stars Gary Busey (who is a born again Christian), Margot Kidder, and Howie Mandell

Part 4 also stars Mr.T (who is a born again Christian), Corbin Berstein, and Jessica Stein.

There is also the Left Behind movies starring Kirk Cameron, Chelsea Noble, Brad Johnson, and Clarence Gilyard

There are various other Christian movies out there that are good to watch as well such as Waterproof featuring Burt Reynolds and Whitman Mayo and Miracle of The Cards starring Catherine Oxenberg and Kirk Cameron.

Oh yeah and there's The Omega Code part 1 and Omega Code part 2:Megiddo

There are also of course plans in the works for a Company called Patriot Films or some sort of Company to feature Patriotic Actors.

I would love to take on roles in Films produced by a Patriotic Film Company and heck im willing to play both good guys and bad guys as long as my character is permitted to keep Mouth clean since I am in fact a Christian myself.

I totally look forward to Mel Gibson's The Passion. Ok im not fluent in Aramaic but I think it's about time we actually have a movie in a Language that Christ spoke to his Disciples.

The Passion certainly will give us the experience of having an idea of what words were said when Christ spoke to his Disciples.

It's like granted The New Testament was written in Greek inspite of the fact Christ spoke to his disciples in Aramaic (thus proving St. Peter and other writers of the New Testament were a lot more intellegent than what Anti-God people say about the Disciples of Christ).

Indeed it will be great to hear the words of Christ in Aramaic cause it will be like taking a trip in time and having a chance to hear the actual language Christ spoke.

God Bless Mel Gibson for his efforts at making what will be a very powerful movie.