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off to thee faire

Light blogging again today - we are headed out to the Bellmore Family Street Festival - rides, games, crafts, Bobby Nystrom and a beautiful fall-like day.

I wonder if they will have a booth where the Mepham High School football team demonstrates the various means of raping your teammates?

That was uncalled for, I know.


More interesting quotes from Newsday this morning:

Vitello quotes kids as saying "We're not allowed to talk."
"Who won't allow you to talk?"
"The........" she started to say.
"Shut up!" said a friend, pulling her away.
Two ninth-graders offered to talk to a reporter if he would buy them a pack of cigarettes.

Then, in the sports section, Jacobson quotes a sports psych here on LI that does school counseling:

"Did nobody have the courage to say 'No, you can't do that?'"

2 things to conclude....

- there's been a pretty good wall of silence established here. Wonder how many of these parents are NYC cops (maybe that's the connection.....)

They sure did say "No, you can't do that!".......when the consequences of the pigs' actions were brought to bear. A little late I think.

Enjoy the fair, Michelle. You're sure to see a swarm of reporters there. Give 'em hell.


Reporters should be told that they should find someone else to help them sell ad space to Macey's.All reporters.All of the time.Calling them whores is an insult to whores.